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  1. So I got this working on a 2008 Mac Pro 3,1 with Mavericks and Windows 7. Forgive me if this is elementary, but I realized that with a partitioned drive (Mac / Windows) the drive was using GPT not MBR. The patch would not work on a "fake" MBR inside a GPT drive which is the way bootcamp does things. I dedicated an entire drive to Windows, formatted it with a real MBR (disk utility). Installed Windows 7. Then used the tutorial and/or the script in Mavericks. This worked. My SSD speed in Windows improved a lot. And Windows sees all 6 SATA ports. The AHCI drivers are confusing and hidden, and most versions didn't work. I think I had to use version 8.9 of the Matrix drivers and nothing newer, not the Rapid whatever drivers. Good Luck!
  2. Thanks to you guys for all the work put into this a few years back. I'm sad to see this topic has quieted down. Has anyone picked up the reigns and kept AHCI alive? My System: Mac Pro 2008 Mavericks 10.9 & Windows 7 64 ultimate Bay 1: SSD - 1 partition: OS X (10.9) Bay 2: SSD - 2 partitions: 1-HFS, 2-NTFS (Win7.64) The AHCI Enabler app works, however it detects the Windows Version as XP. No biggie maybe. I also tried the script (1.0) and modified it to force detect Windows 7. Both the app and the script are able to modify the MBR. So far so good. BUT... The modified MBR prevents Windows from booting. A disk read error occurred. Press ctrl+alt+del to restart. I was able to restore the MBR with the backup, and Windows boots (without AHCI). Why won't the modified MBR work? It can't be that the modified MBR is incompatible with NTFS as a partition instead of an entire drive, could it? So many Windows installations are partitions. Could it be that Mavericks made changes to EFI, GUID, or MBR?