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  1. Krishnamurti Naskar

    Chameleon 2.4 svn

    Every1 recommends me to use Chameleon!
  2. Krishnamurti Naskar

    Remove GRUB fully and boot with chameleon/chimera in 10.4.8

    Hey dcai777, how would i install chamelion? any suggets..... I have thumbdrives in FAT32. Should i d/load chameleon loader into that drive and then boot the lappy with the same install dvd to have a get-set-go? or what? please any1..........? ----------- I am @ the point of being short-circuited be4 usin' osX MOD. -----------
  3. I somehow managed successfully 2 format 1 drive in hfs format with Linux help! Then did a full install of JaS 10.4.8 install on that hfs+. but,initially i was using Linux(with grub). Now with rebooting,i see mac can't boot. the same grub is booting. ----- i tried adding those lines in grub(menu.lst) rootnoverify (hd0,1) insmod hfsplus chainloader /boot0 but sadly my linux can't recognise hfs+,so it's not working.. ------------------------------ I want mac's loader to be default. how do i do that? is there any way to do that with install dvd? if you say to put kexts/loaders in usb drive, i simply can't. all of those are fta32/ntfs formatted, can i do that with it or what? with regards....... see my part. table struct.. I just want 2 remove/replace LINUX's grub and go up the hill with that of MAC's.. -------------------------------| specs: intel C2D @ 1.83 ghz. intel gma X3100 chipset. 2 GB ddr2 26 GB hfs+ partition -------------------------------| &Lastly sorry 4 da Belenix logo.I used 2 use it........:-) -- Q:one last question.....can i install .exe files(downloaded for windows) in this mac ?
  4. Krishnamurti Naskar

    10.9 GM Released.

    Hi xpamamadeus, I use Acer Aspire 5920z with Intel C2D T5550 @ 1.83 GHz, 2GB DDR2,160 gb HDD,INTEL GMA X3100,15.4 WXGA screen..... In fact i tried both JaS(10.4.x) and iDeneb(10.5.6) boot DVD. Everythings loading fine. But when i go to create partition (From Disk Utility,i did that from common sense as i am formatting my lappies for past 5-6 years with Linux and BSD, so it's quite the same approach, am i right?) by deleting any EXT4 / NTFS partition, the app instantly deletes but keeps saying the same thing. i mean that NTFS/EXT4 is shown always,so i can not advance more than that....I use Linux for all my life . needed some refreshment through learning about new OS from MAC OS10 but it seems not 2 be working for mine! Any help....from You will be admired, Sir? I've learnt about kext("modules" in Linux world). Do i need some more kexts to format a partition and install os10? In fact i was thinking of d/loading kalyway/iAtkos.... i eagerly await ur +ve reply.... I am sorry 2 every1, that i posted a noob question in here instead of 'introduce yourself' section.sorry.it won't happen nexttime. but this time only, i am desperately in need to get a solid startup by installing a JaS/Ideneb in my box..\ so please again, forgive me....
  5. Krishnamurti Naskar

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi,every1! I am new 2 OSx86 stuffs.... Was on Linux and BSD.Needed sum refreshment. I've heard of iDeneb,JaS,Kali.....,iAtkos etc.. can any1 please tell the linx(http/torrent) 2 d/load 'em? or better the latest 1, the maverick 10.9.x?