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  1. @apfelnico I'm also very interested in your build! Tell us more! It's great to see that the Gigabyte board is working, but I'm more interested in using an ASUS board myself (Never like the UEFI on Gigabyte-board, found them unstable an unreliable compared to ASUS). It would be great if you could do some kind of build guide or summary? It seems like a great setup. Another thing I'm interested in is how your GC Thunderbolt-card is working with this setup? And if you are using NVME? Really hoping for x299 to be a stable HEDT-platform for hacks going forward, but It's an investment, so I really appreciate as much information as possible before investing. Thanks.
  2. Sound works with VoodooHDA but is lost after sleep! Please post if anyone has 100% working audio after 10.6.5 update! //Plexomat

    76 Tracks. Core i7 920 overclocked to 3.4 ghz. Can clock it to 4ghz, will try that later.. Think I will be able to run all of the tracks.
  4. 1. run terminal 2. write: diskutil list 3. identyfy the stick and the partition nr. ex. disk6s2 4. write: diskutil info disk6s2 5. look for Volume UUID in the info you get.
  5. Hi! I have two problems with my m1330 atm. Everything else workes great. ipc 10.5.6 When i remove ac or after sleep my computer just preformes half in os x. Xbench is 50% Greebench 50% and 720p video 50%. Not sure if the cpu downclocks from 2.5ghz to 1.25ghz or that os x just preformece worse. please help! tried everything, vanilla kernel, voodoo kernel, bios options. it still does this, goes slower after ac remove or after sleep. thanks
  6. Hi! Thanks for a great thread and the work to make m1330 work in os x. I tried to install iPC 10.5.6 over and over and got the message: IOAPIC: 0:23 or something in Darwin. For everyone who's got this problem I can tell you it's a faulty dvd burn. Burn the installation dvd really slow. If that dosen't work, do what I did. I moved my internal SSD disc to my Gigabyte desktop computer Installed iPC to the disc from that computer, than moved the SSD back to the Dell m1330 and wola! osx booted. I'm trying to get everything to work atm, but out of luck on sleep. I however did a xbench with really good score, se this: http://db.xbench.com/merge.xhtml?doc2=343952 T9300 4gb 128gb ssd. 192p W SSD test. I'll be back with more questions, thanks!
  7. Yes that is correct q6600 4mb
  8. This is now on what.cd for fast leech. search: leo4all
  9. From Atom to Apple

    oohh... Mister bond You are a good writer, indeed... The CPU's are getting small, and fast The Memorysticks are getting, Big and fast Next gen. devices will be able to, scale, play compressed video and contain nice storage possibilitys. Iphone 2 will be an revolutonary device
  10. Hi! My opinion is that this company is not in the likings of us on Insanelymacs intrests. I don't think they should be making money of this project. This project was never ment to hur Apple. And I don't want to stand behind something I whink could hurt Apple. That's why I don't like that this company now has adds on Insanelymac I don't like this AT ALL! even though I know the add is provided by Google!
  11. New Kalyway 10.5.2 Release!

    Find it at your closest bay
  12. GeForce 9600 GT

    Is anyone skilled working on making the 9xxx-series work on osx86? Don't think we noobs will be able to make i rock.. we need Diabolik or netkas for this...

    Haha, va kul! Borde finnas en svensk motsvarighet till Insanleymac.. Där bara du och jag kunde hänga.. vad sägs om Galenmac.se ?? haha Kul att du gillade musiken! //MVH Olof