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  1. Patched BIOS by smith@@

    Gracie Mille @ smith@@
  2. Patched BIOS by smith@@

    mio 2102 è modificato. Migliore timetables...
  3. Patched BIOS by smith@@

    gracie mille, ma torto bios ciò è 2208 bios, non i 2102m ( 2102modificati): http://rapidshare.com/files/371036579/p5q_2102m.rom.html
  4. Patched BIOS by smith@@

    ciao smith@@, volevo sapere se gentilmente saresti in grado di moddare il bios (modificato) allegato della Asus P5Q ...mi aiuteresti molto.... http://rapidshare.com/files/371036579/p5q_2102m.rom.html gracie mille Prema
  5. It is an 17inch Clevo M570A I have some trouble with the video card. With the Natit Dual (both versions) it is only showing on an external monitor. With the Nvidia mobilty option its showing on the lapscreen. But with both my windows are becomming seethrough as soon as i start to move them and Video from DVDs is a no show with Nvidia Mobile (also with VLC). With Natit on external its stuttering. WHAT IS THE BEST SOLUTION FOR AN NVIDIA 7800GTX MOBILE? THX PREMA
  6. Everythings works great except the mobile 7800GTX. I have choosen the Nvidio mobile VGA options. The other drivers try to display on an external monitor only. The Windows are not refreshing propperly when moved and are getting seethrough. Also no video on DVD playback!!! Any one knows if there are any better drivers for Nvidia mobile 7xxxx graphic cards? I want to use the system to contiune FCP Editing at home! Any help is highly welcome!
  7. THX uphuck for offering OSX to us intel users! I need some advice regarding wich box to tick during installation. My notebook system: CPU: Pentium M GPU: Nvidia 7800 GTX Chipset: ICH6 915PM HD: PATA Sound: Realtek HD (Intel Azalia) Net: Marvel Yukon 88E8053 Atheros W-Lan So what i would choose from the list is: Nvidia Mobile USB Driver Ps/2 driver Azalia Audio Power Management Intel Speedstep IONetworkingFamily.kext Marvel youkon 88E8001 Temperature Monitor What is nonsense and what do i have to add (also from the patches and app list, what is usefull) P.S.: I mainly want the system for FinalCutPro! Thank you very much in advance for helping an osx noob out!