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  1. Any ideas on Yosemite, guys?
  2. I use HWMonitor and there's nothing named 'Gpusensors.kext' in /S/L/E. I see that restarting consumes much time in the phase when BIOS shows this line: "Press ESC for boot option..." It stuck there for at least 15 seconds. Then the blackscreen of Clover hangs for 10s or more (I have Clover auto-booted into Mac partition, instead of waiting for choosing). After that, OS X boots for almost 20s (despite the fact that I install it on my SSD drive!). So I've said that maybe it's the problem of the bootloader. (Chameleon has the same issue with Clover, I tested and confirmed). It'll be abnormal if your envy doesn't act like mines!
  3. Oh I search for "QI/CE" and smart Google knows what I mean, and brings me what I want to learn! LOL. I have all of them running: Transcucent menubar and VLC - playing MP4 HD without problem. Seems to have somethings to work with Clover.. --- I put these lines into clover's plist: and restart but lag in login screen is still there, when slides up the apple image, and the password box fades in. (Btw, I've just seen that "Inject ATI" is useless so I uncheck it). So, there're some issues I'm having now: 1 - A bit laggy in UI, especially when logging-in 2 - A sudden-restart whenever logging-out! I tried to log out right after installing the OS, with your original config.plist, so this can't be resulted by any 3rd-party application or any change various from yours. 3 - Restarting always comsumes much time, nearly a minute vs. several seconds as usual. Perharps it's a problem of the simulated bootloader. But after all, they're not really matter to me! I'm enjoying my Hackintosh so much now!
  4. From what I know, it seems that I have QI/CE enabled.. But when booting completed, the login screen fades in with lag, then the desktop zooms in with lag, too. Do you suffer the same problem? Also, lags on maximizing/resizing windows are always seen with Google Chrome, and (sometimes) Finder.
  5. Installed and it's stable now! I feel Mavericks manages Intel Speedstep much more better than 10.8.x. Since I monitor the freq in HWmonitor, and see it running at 1.29GHz (min. freq.) most of time, temperature around 50 deg.C. Everything is smooth, except resizing and maximizing windows - a bit laggy! But no matter with me.
  6. Well, I don't understand this situation. Last time it was able to boot to the installer. And now it won't and shows a STOP sign over the Apple logo, while on -v mode, a text line appears and repeats: Still waiting for root device ------- UPDATE: The reason is lacking ACPIBatteryManager.kext and FakeSMC.kext in /S/L/E of the USB. I load the newest version of both files into there and bump, it can boot and install! But till the last 3 minutes of the progress, the installer notifies error and unsuccessful installation. Fortunately, I kept my Mountain Lion partition and boot into it, install all the necessary kexts and extra files, as well as Chameleon bootloader to the Mavericks partition. And now, it rocks! I only use Mac OS (deleted Windows 8.1 before) for my work now. So, in near future, when updates are released for Mavericks (10.9.1, etc), I think I should move to Clover to have kexts injection, instead of installing all of them via Terminal! Again, thank mnfesq pretty much!
  7. Thanks a lot, man! Wil report the result!
  8. Yep I installed it to S/L/E, the option to install in Extra is disabled by default. (I used Kext Wizard). I do follow your instruction above: - Have the newest voodoo kext v1.8.8 installed before (so that I could get my touchpad disabled automatically when an USB mouse was plugged) - Drag the Extensions folder into Kext Utility to build mkext. - Copy the new mkext file to /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup - Restart and everything has no change! I attach a screenshot of my Chameleon's plist settings, you can see it below. Wondering if they're involved in this problem. If there're no way to solve, I'm still pleasant without the logging-out function! But if we can find solutions, that sounds great! I'm planning to move up to Mavericks and hope it'll be fantastic!
  9. Tonight I re-check and see that it's still freezed when I log-out, but the screen isn't gray, it shows the log-in screen with User and password box, but - again - no mouse, no keyboard, no responsible except the long-pressed power button! Only logging out! Restarting or shutting down is normal.
  10. Ahh it's freezed, mouse and keyboeard become unusable, the screen turn to grey. I have to press the power button to shutdown...
  11. @mnfesq: When you were in ML 10.8.5, you can log-out w/o problems, can't you? I have system crashed everytime I log out. Does anybody here have the same issue w me??
  12. Qdezi

    Apple Shipping drive DVD fix (for PATA/SATA)

    Could you compile one for me? I'm noob and know nothing about compiling kext OS X ML 10.8.5 My vendor: hp My product id: BD E DC6E2SH (there're 2 spaces between 'E' and 'DC6E2SH') Thanks in advance!
  13. Oh god, after a few try finally I have at least 5 steps, including turboboost (2.58 & 3.07GHz)! I own the i7 3610QM. And now it seems to match with SMBios of Macbook 8.2! The minimum state now is 1.29GHz, (vs. 1.19GHz before). So my Envy now is functional as nearly 99% of an actual Macbook! Lol. Thank you so much, and waitin' for your next guide 'Mavericks'!
  14. Thanks mate! I nearly did it, but having no idea about building .kext file is the last barrier to me! I'm trying to learn it soon. Thanks to your dsdt, my eyes are protected now! herher. I'm curious about how many speedstep do you have, 2 or more? My Envy has only 2, it produces a bit much heat, and the battery life is terrible compared to Win8.1 (less than 1h vs. nearly 4h). How is your status?
  15. Thanks for your idea! I've tried but nothing is changed. I still can't use the discs while working in the OS, what I have to do is to put the disc into the drive's slot, then shutdown, boot up again and the disc is running!