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  1. FileVault 2

    AppleEvent proto not installed
  2. [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    It works just because it is not ps/2 keyboard, it is keyboard which attached straight into embedded controller which route it to virtual ps/2 controller. AMI uses own specific protocol's for simple text input on laptop, which vit9696 translates into Apple ones
  3. Clover General discussion

    I remember that you PM me about this question. Of course it is possible, but there is no need to do this, because we already use refit volume handler inside Clover. I'm working on own implementation of APFS jump start driver. Just wait a bit. I have a lot of work and all of my contribution in Clover just a hobby. Currently, I am not satisfied with my algorithm for searching and reading "JSDR" block via EFI_DISK_IO_PROTOCOL, I'll need to do it much more accurate. For now, I'm working on generating "NXSB - > apfs offset id -> blockmap" "blockmap -> apfs offsetid -> block number" "block number -> APSB -> root" structure to find JSDR faster inside apfs partition superblocks (apsb). If someone interesting in this, I can post my full research with descriptions how APFS works, and how Apple loads driver from APFS_EFI_Boot_Record in UEFI.
  4. HTTPS Support

    LetsEncrypt gives free ssl certs
  5. Clover General discussion

    Check nvram var's , especially from fakesmc. May be they still not recent and Clover uses old smc keys values
  6. Clover General discussion

    Properly, I didn't mind about this while writing this code for APFS detection, so .. However we can use only Preboot volume and hide System volume for HS. This should eliminate misunderstanding, I'll create a patch soon
  7. Clover General discussion

    Yep it switches by recovery-boot-mode variable on Mac
  8. Clover General discussion

    Yep. Jump start uses ApplePartitionInfo proto to determine information to do jump, so thats why it doesn't work properly "OOB" due to Clover doesn't have such proto. Seems that apfs.efi driver embedded inside container, not partition. Check that code portion APFSContainerEFIEmbed(wholeDiskBSD, (const char *)CFDataGetBytePtr(apfsDriverData), CFDataGetLength(apfsDriverData)); /*! * @define kBL_PATH_I386_APFS_EFI * @discussion APFS driver for Darwin x86 on EFI-based systems */ #define kBL_PATH_I386_APFS_EFI "/usr/standalone/i386/apfs.efi"
  9. Clover General discussion

    I loaded apfs.efi using efi_disk_io_protocol. But what about FV2 encrypted system partition? I have no idea how Apple load apfs.efi from FV2 encrypted partition using block io..
  10. Clover General discussion

    No need to do it, just use 4094+
  11. Clover Bug/Issue Report and Patch

    You can use 4094 https://yadi.sk/d/RBuiW97h3KH5Ew
  12. Clover Bug/Issue Report and Patch

    Slice , it seems that something goes wrong with patch file. It didn't modified hibernate.c in last revision in svn. I created additional patch for 4094. hib.patch.zip Thank you!
  13. Clover Bug/Issue Report and Patch

    Thank you! Спасибо! Правда я не такой уж и хороший кодер, учитывая количество генерируемых мной ошибок
  14. Clover Bug/Issue Report and Patch

    Problem already fixed. There was a bug in my code Check it #2157 Patch for 4092 (4093 also): apfsfull.patch.zip
  15. Clover Bug/Issue Report and Patch

    Does it work in 4084?