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  1. Hi Guys, i got Leopard working on the Board named: Gigabyte GA-G31MX-S2 My PC: CPU: Intel E2160 @ 1,80G Mainboard: GA-G31MX-S2, Intel G31+ ICH7 Chipset Ram: 2 x 1 GB Aeneon DDR2-800 Graphics: Intel GMA X3100 onboard Not working, vesa only Sound: Realtek ALC888 Working USB: Working Network: Realtek RTL 8110SC Working Installed using the Leo4allv3 DVD. Don't know how to get the Graphic working... But everything else works out of the box. Just select certain options at Leopard installation such as: Sound ALC888, Chipset ICHx...
  2. be happy that at least someone released something.... thx jas!!
  3. nordaaa

    hello. 大家好!

    from hangzhou, but living in germany.
  4. nordaaa

    hello. 大家好!

    hehe... i think we have a quite big chinese speaking community here, me inclusive.
  5. Hi, just got it running on my pc. internet is working out of box. now i will set the graphic and sound stuff. so will add this later.
  6. nordaaa

    X700 and other PCIE ATI Radeon finally work

    which hexeditor alternative???
  7. myzar, i downloaded you iso too and tried it. there are several differences i found directly after the installation without any change of configuration: 1. your version has no gui boot 2. you got a boot prompt which waits for parameter input 3. other way of patch selection: your version: maxxussowned, amd and intel_10.4.5_update i got: amd_base, intel_base, sse3, sse2, nforce_via_sata_patch that's are just facts i try to present with no opinion. there are no further differences as far as i am concerned.
  8. so, anyone had success with X700??
  9. thx madtom, the newest ati flash utilty starts with no problem!! i will try and see.. well, the dumped *.rom file by ati flash utility can't be opened with the bios editor... says wrong ati bios(code 3) or something like this...
  10. i still need help for ati winflash utility won't start because of my model's different bios.... anyone had success with a X700??
  11. installed new Graphiccard ATI Radeon X700 and reinstalled with this DVD. I got no mouse artifacts at all...
  12. well, you see, if someone has similar pc hardware like mine, and don't know which iso to download, i am trying to help by saying this one works.
  13. lol, i put it, because it works on my pc, so it's just a kind of report to you... i have no advantages at all by seeding to you, just trying to help.. and no one confirmed, that amd should not work..... you are a funny guy... have i ever said, that this iso is better??? i just said it works for me, so stfu and use your brain...
  14. nordaaa

    X700 and other PCIE ATI Radeon finally work

    labria, you got it?? how?