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  1. usb ethernet

    Im having trouble getting my on-board ethernet working and so im thinking of getting a usb ethernet adaptor and as apple sell one will it work with snow leopard without any modification?
  2. in the new year i want to replace my aging dell desktop running 10.4.11 with a new dell running 10.6.2 vanilla. So is the dell XPS 430 a system capable of doing this and what is the install process for this? just the standard copy install image to usb, patch with boot loader then install and finish by patching install HD? Also i would like to dual boot it with windows 7 is this fairly easy to do with 2 hard disks? thanks
  3. Wow how time flies, i remember using that pear pc thing to try and run osx on-top of windows thank god apple switched to intel.
  4. iTunes 8 avaiable!

    ye let us know if it works with osx 10.4.11
  5. Ok i tired installing osx onto my usb hard drive but had no luck so in the end i used gparted live cd to copy my osx HD to my usb HD which i thought had worked since i booted into ubuntu and i could see the osx file structure ok but still had the problem of not being able to access the files i want due to the permissions but i thought once i had re-installed osx i could copy the files no problem but osx doesn't even recognize that there is a file system on the usb HD at all it just give me the option to format it or ignore it, so what now? the files must be there so there has to be way to get them off. thanks kuliand
  6. I didn't think of that, so howeasy is it to install osx to a usb hard drive then? won't i have to install the boot info on my main hard disk still? edit: here's the link to grpahics problem http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=124257
  7. hi i need to know how make an image of my osx hard disk without being able to boot osx? I can't boot osx due to me messing up the graphics kexts while trying to get an 24" lcd working so now even when i boot using my old crt all i get is a light blue square so i want to make an image of my hard disk so i can recover my emails, podcasts etc when i have re-installed osx. im currently using ubuntu livecd which i have been able to mount my osx hard disk but i can't get to the files and folders i want due not having the correct permissions. thanks kuliand edit: i want to put the image on my usb hard disk if that makes a difference
  8. 24 inch lcd with 10.4.11 not working

    ye the CRT monitor was VGA and te lcd is DVI, is there anyway to get my CRT working again? i think i need to get it to boot with just the natit kext as now it doesn't even work on the CRT. i have the lcd monitor working with a ubuntu livecd through DVI although it only runs at low resolution.
  9. 24 inch lcd with 10.4.11 not working

    no one has any experince of prblems with lcds's then?
  10. hI i have just changed my screen to a 24inch dell lcd from 17 CRT and after osx boots the monitor goes into powr saving mode so it looks like osx doesn't like something but i have no idea what?it can display the boot process ok but how do i get it to boot with the new monitor edit: my card is a geforce gt6600 agp 256mg i have now tried all the kexts on my install dvd (10.4.11) and still no luck but this might be because they are all loading instead of just using one edit 2: is there a way to unistall the graphic kexts and try them all one by one?
  11. hi i seem to have a hard disk error which is not osx specific as it is preventing ubuntu from booting as well (live cd) but the osx install disk is the only thing that gives me an error message which i have posted bellow, So any ideas on what this means? i have tried using spinrite and maxtors own utility but neither have found any errors. ATA Drive Flush CACHE ExT feature support but doed not claim LBA feature support
  12. Problem with 10.5 kalyway

    well im going to buy a new pc had my dell for 5 years now anyway so it's time for something new.
  13. Problem with 10.5 kalyway

    let us know how you get on with iatkos but i've got a feeling that we need to install the EFI bios emulation and from reading the thread for it only works on Intel core duo and up not on Pentium's might be something to do with older MBs as well. i'll post something there and see if i get a response.
  14. Problem with 10.5 kalyway

    well im not 100% percent sure but maybe Tiger doesn't use the EFI bios system? we really need some help here from someone who knows what they are on about, come on someone must be able to help us.
  15. Problem with 10.5 kalyway

    well i have the same problem and from what i gather it's because i don't have EFI emulation and that doesn't work on P4s so this is probably the our stumbling block. Anyone know if i can get EFI emu on a P4 if this what is causing the reebooting after the Darwin f8 options screen.