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  1. AppleHDA Patcher

    Not that I know, rebuild kernel with Easykext Pro. It is as simple as putting aDummyHDA.kext in S/L/E, audioconfig to 7 or 9 (tried both) and two kext patches right?
  2. AppleHDA Patcher

    Hi there! Should this app work under 10.12 public betas or does support stop after 10.11.6? Got the latest beta, but can't get my VT2021 (z77 d3h) to work. DSDT has got an unedited HDEF part, vanilla AppleHDA, no other kext edits or enablers, just aDummy in S/L/E and edited config.plist. aDummy does not get loaded, appleHDA does. Kind regards, Sebastian.
  3. OS X El Capitan Test Thread

    Other than USB from the Etron chip everything is fine on my Z77-D3H. Stable, fast (doesn't feel slower than Yosemite, but I didn't measure exactly). I've still got some problems with iMessage: it is now enabled. I installed EC over Yo 10.10.3, so I needed to erase all preferences and security files that influenced iMessage. Now I just need a way to make handoff work. Loggin out/in on iCloud, resetting network prefs on iPhone 6+ and hack didn't do the trick. Still investigating here...
  4. OS X El Capitan Test Thread

    I'd love to know your motherboard type and brand. My Intel USB ports work without problems OOB, but patching doesn't seem to fully work for the Etron ports. I'm patching AppleUSBXHCIPCI as patching of AppleUSBXHCI didn't seem to work. Ports get recognized, USB drives are detected (prove from system info and iojones) but drives won't mount.
  5. OS X El Capitan Test Thread

    I installed El Capitan from within a cloned Yosemite (just launched the installer). However, I took some preparations: - Made a clone with SD of my SSD with Yosemite to an empty partition on a different hard disk; - Made two new kext folders for Clover: other and 10.11; - Put the newest FakeSMC and existing/already working network kext and VoodooHDA (for VIA VT2021) in those folders; - Added boot flag rootless=0 The installer ran without problems! After restart (firstly OS X unpacks the installer files) I chose OS X installer from the Clover boot menu. If you don't do this, Clover will just start your currently used and working Yosemite (or whatever options you normally choose in the loader GUI) installation. After installation the mail app got an update and Disk Utility looks very different. Other than that El Capitan looks (!) like Yosemite. I can't compare boot times as I'm running Yosemite from a SSD and El Capitan from a regular HD. Geekbench3 confirmed that performance is on par with Yosemite. What's the catch? - USB patches in Clover for Etron USB3.0 not working. This was to be expected; - Wacom tablet drivers not working; - iMessage not logging in. I'm using the exact same config and smbios as in Yosemite where I can happily iMessage. Anyone else experiencing problems here? FaceTime is working however! Though not all USB3.0 ports are working, two of them are (the ones not on the Etron chip). Also my built in USB3.0 card reader is working. Thus I have 3 working USB3.0 ports now. I read that you must turn graphic injection of in Clover for El Capitan to install/run (correct me if I'm wrong). I can confirm that I have a fully working HD 5450 with graphic injection. I patch the VBios for native 1920x1200 at boot, have the graphics set in my DSDT and run a custom EDID to get my monitor recognised as LED Cinema display. Everything works as in Yosemite, including the Eulemur frame buffer breaking sleep. I can live with that!. Last but not least, let me say that Clover is, again and also for El Capitan, a truly remarkable tool! Works better that anything I tried!