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  1. methamp

    Yosemite DP2

    Is it just me or did they re-enable some features in Disk Utility for DP2? I can finally see the normal Verify/Repair buttons since upgrading.
  2. methamp

    Yosemite DP2

    Solved by deleting AppleTyMCEDriver, installing newer VoodooHDA, rebuilding kextscache and ta da... booted from DP2 install on App Store. Everything working good so far. I haven't tried dark mode yet.
  3. methamp

    Yosemite DP2

    Ughh... I don't want to re-install. I may have to do a special backup while I play with developer previews like once did. Still no luck getting past the freezing on /etc/rc.installer_cleanup.
  4. methamp

    Yosemite DP2

    Yes, and that didn't change anything. :-/
  5. methamp

    Yosemite DP2

    I manually loaded FakeSMC.kext again and now it's freezing on /etc/rc.server and /etc/rc.installer_cleanup (both not found).
  6. methamp

    Yosemite DP2

    After installation, it hangs at rc installation startup (cannot find file) and does not ever move past it. Does not boot.
  7. methamp

    Yosemite DP2

    Thanks! I'm going in...
  8. kext-dev-mode is to be expected, as it's also mentioned in the Apple release notes: "In Developer Preview 1 unsigned or improperly signed kexts will not be loaded. To use unsigned kexts during development, this strict check can be disabled by adding a “kext-dev-mode=1” boot arg."
  9. methamp

    Nvidia Drivers

    Are there any benefits to the NVIDIA drivers verses <insert whatever kexts here> that already provide QE/CI and "full" graphics for existing builds? I ran the web driver stuff on Mavericks before switching to Yosemite and I really couldn't tell the difference between what already worked, and NVIDIA's stuff. I can still play most games (though my graphics card is very crappy), and even managed some virtualized full screen gaming (Windows) without a hitch.
  10. methamp

    Parallels desktop doesn't work

    I reached out to both VMWare and Parallels regarding the lack of virtualization support in Yosemite. VMWare recommended checking the VMware Fusion Technology Preview 2014 site for updates (free beta). It does not currently install with success on Mac OS X 10.10. Parallels said they're "closely" working with Apple, but linked me to a forum post regarding running Yosemite as a guest OS, and not as the host. I assume the social media guy keeps busy and doesn't have time to read every tweet they respond to. I'm going to bet VMWare delivers something before Parallels. I've heard people say VirtualBox currently works in Yosemite if you need a solution now.
  11. Trying to find something to write about for my blog.

  12. You'll need to install Clover so the system you copied to your USB SSD is bootable. Follow one of the guides here for creating a USB installation and booting the Mac OS X installer for Yosemite 10.10.
  13. methamp

    OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    Got 10.10 to boot. Can't login to iCloud. I am trying to recall the Mavericks fix used in previous versions. Is there a new method for Yosemite?
  14. methamp

    10.10 vanilla Bootable Usb Guide

    Is it just me, or does the r2692 Clover take *AGES* to install? I've been sitting at "About 3 minutes" for over 15 minutes. It's moving, but very very slowly. I may have to check my USB drive...