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  1. i use the one attached i do get a reboot when ejecting the card though but other than that, i can still use the card to transfer data Sinetek-rtsx.kext.zip
  2. thats brill! i will check that out later on thanks again for your help!
  3. hiya sorry for late reply, had friends over and have only just set this bad boy up! the dsdt worked great! thank you so much for your help. only had an issue with nvenabler64.kext which i haven't been able to sort out, just get panic attack! do i need this kext as things seem to work with out it? i get a system halted just after it tells me the cpu info but anyways, thank again for your help!
  4. hi! thanks for the attachment, but it won't allow me to download, says i don't have permission to download? although i am logged in, (hence being able to write this!) are you able to email it to me lee@feartech.co.uk? thanks in advanced works now! thanks will try and let you know many many thanks!
  5. you star! it is a Geforce GTX 650 1Gb not sure if this helps or not, but here it is anyway: http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/components/nvidiageforcegraphicscards/nvidiagtx650keplerseries/ne5x65001301-1071f.html there are some specs there thanks again!
  6. hiya! thanks for the help, i have created the ioreg and dsdt from your instructions above and have popped them up on my server: I used version 3.0.2 of IORegistryExplorer http://www.feartech.co.uk/acpi_dsdt.bin http://www.feartech.co.uk/LeesMacPro.ioreg so, (sorry for the noobish!) how will i create the dsdt.aml from these? thanks again
  7. i would just like to say thanks for the great guide! i installed on an Asus P5NT-WS Mobo, i had to edit the kexts for the network card and voodoo, changed something like msi to false (i think it was something like that!) as the netcard wouldn't get an appropriate ip and the audio would play for 4 secs then stop, other than that, everything works just great! also not using a dsdt as i couldn't find one! so thanks again for all your hard work in creating such a tutorial!