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  1. Nope using the EFI string for the 9800 GTX and I just threw the 10.6.1 stock kexts into the "10.6 Kexts/Graphics" , using DD's script to install them to S/L/E, replacing the old ones (way too lazy to install them manually, fix the permissions and build the cache ). Dark D
  2. Hey Everyone, If anyone is having issues with the 9xxx or 2xx GTX series cards in 10.6.2 when outputting threw HDMI (DVI->HDMI) theres an easy fix! All you need is the stock nvidia kexts (NVDANV*HAL.kext and NVResman.kext) from 10.6.1 in ur S/L/E and ur favorite graphics fix (i use a device string but it should also work with the graphics enabler in com.apple.boot.plist). Dark D
  3. What kind of connection are you using? From my research into the problem, it only seems to happen when using a dvi/hdmi connection (though it did work in 10.6.1). I'm using a vga cable right now until i can find a fix.
  4. Yep, it seems to be loading it. Without the device string or a compatible kext it uses 800x600 at login (not to mention choppy graphics). Can't really think of anything in the 10.6.2 update that would break only some of the functionality of my graphics card (mainly the dvi-hdmi) even with the EFI string....... but break it did .
  5. Hey guys, Got a little problem after updating to 10.6.2. My graphics card (evga 9800 GTX+) doesn't seem to work properly. It doesn't work with any dvi-hdmi connections anymore. dvi-vga works fine, but is a little messed up in 1920x1080 (off center and looks like its 4:3). I was using the 9800GTX EFI string but have also tried a couple different kexts to no avail (still need to try the Nvidia.rom method). Other people (link) appear to be experiencing the same problem. Just wondering if anyone here would have any suggestions?? Thanks DarkD
  6. Hey hey, I've given up on 64bit and went back to 32 (not that it matters, just wanted to try ). @MAJ Great work on V4.2! Going to try the USB install in the morning (can it build 64-bit cache ?). LOL, the sudo sandwich is one of my favorite xkcd strips (got the shirt ). and another one of my favs: Why do programmers always mix up Halloween and Christmas? Dark D
  7. Hey guys, Tried getting 64 bit mode to work following Emilo's instructions (was hoping the patched DSDT and legacyHDA would get the internal s/pdif connector working) but now i dont have any sound devices at all. Tried putting legacyHDA in extra and S/L/E (even though it is a 32_64 module) but nothing seems to work. System profiler says i have built in audio and finds the devices but nothing shows up in system preferences. Any help would be greatly appreciated, DarkenedReality
  8. Hey Everyone, Been recently been trying to get audio to work via the internal s/pdif connector (threw my EVGA 9800GTX+). Has anyone gotten this to work? Thanks for taking the time to read, Darkd
  9. Had the same problem. Could be wrong but I don't think the string would have to be formatted. As the output of sw_vers -productVersion should meet the CASE statement of "10.6". So I Removed the line: RUNNING_OS=${RUNNING_OS%.*} from the script and it worked for me.
  10. The script is trying to install the kexts within the individual _repository folders. Don't know if this is just me though...... edit: ....just me copied from my FAT usb drive to my HFS+ one and now it works.......
  11. Wow that was quick! Nice work DD and many thanks! I'm trying it out right now. I'll let you know how it goes........
  12. Hey everyone, Decided to take the plunge to 10.5.8 today, just one little problem.....Update went fine, restarted then KP....... Booted into Kaly recovery drive, re-applied patch, restart, kp...... But now when i boot into kaly, it wont mount the leopard drive at all, nor does it have an associated block device in /dev. I've tried almost all i can think off, including a total re-install of kaly but to no avail. If I can just get kaly to see the drive im sure i could fix the KPs. Any help would be greatly appriciated, DarkD Edit: nvm, seems to have fixed itself. Tried Kaly install disk for terminal or diskutil and nothing. Then tried to boot into my fedora usb. Somehow it booted into my kaly usb (dont know, was sure i selected the fedora one) and now it can see it?!?!?! Don't really know what happened........blaming it on the only safe suspect........ starscream!
  13. I'm using Wolfie's script (with the kexts that came with it and 9.6.0) with darwin and am currently running 1.5.7. Just had to re-run the script from my kaly usb drive (probably do to me installing freebsd before booting back into OSX after the update )
  14. NVM, It would seem that this is a issue with the UD5 boards. After booting off a live-usb key, I found that it could not find the LAN adapter as well yet my switch could find the layer 2 address. Unhooked the power for 5 seconds and booted and everything is fine now. Thanks again to MAJ and Wolfie for a great guide and EFI scripts! Dark D
  15. Hey Everyone, First off i would like to thank MAJ and Wolfienuke for their tremendous work on getting OSX on UD5 and x58 in general! ! ! Not to mention responding to every problem that came up in this topic. Simply amazing work, I tip my hat off to both of you! I used Wolfie's script and it worked flawlessly....... the first time. Everything worked up to the point of installing OpenBSD on my second HDD. In my second install of OSX, everything is working except the onboard Ethernet. The system log shows: localhost configd[45]: InterfaceNamer: no network interfaces, could not update platform UUID I have tried the IONetworkingFamily and RealrekR1000 kexts and varified the EFI partition but still nothing. I've checked my BIOS and reformatted countless number of times but cannot duplicate the configuration of my first install (even though it was just the default kexts that came with Wolfie's script). Any help would be greatly appreciated, Dark D