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    Is Steve hurting Apple?

    I don't want an iMac, but I would buy a mid-range upgradeable mac at the drop of a hat. The customers that Apple would gain would be people like me that aren't in the iMac market. People who want an iMac, which is a pretty cool all in one, would still get an iMac. At the moment people who want a midrange are just plain out of luck. They get nothing. The Mac Pro and the iMac have a tremendous gap between them.
  2. Spyro7

    Greatest Mac in History

    My vote would have to go to the early PowerMac G4s. Expandable (with CPU upgrades, memory, cards, etc), reliable, and visually appealing compared to the beige boxes that dominated at the time.
  3. Hi, my understanding is that Razer's drivers are sometimes kind of spotty under Mac OS X. If you uninstall them then USB overdrive would probably take care of it quite nicely.