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  1. anyone encountered jumping mouse syndrome?

    i know the syndrome tried with 3-4 different mice, different computers, different insalation method, various video cards, changed bios in video card... and the best result i've got is with a simple microsoft mouse optical mouse v2
  2. just wanted to add that i get the same issue with 7300gt 256mb version
  3. today i've tested my system with geforce 7300gt (256mb) and i got the same jumpy mouse... so very probably not video card related
  4. This is still not ok. I have a MSI 8800GT flashed it about 5 times (3d, 2d3d, quadro 3700 rom), reinstalled, added EFI strings, changed dvi ports, using vga adaptor... lag is almost gone but it's there. Wouldn't even mind about the small lag, but the most anoying thing is the JUMPY mouse. Tried with 3 different mice. Btw, system is a retail 10.5.7 install on a Gigabyte UD3P with Quad Core Anyone else noticing this small jumps in mouse movement ?
  5. same issue for me. flashed my msi 8800gt card with 3d and 2d3d roms, lag gone but mouse still jumpy.
  6. [HOW TO] GFX-EFI Tutorial for NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT 512MB (G92)

    Hi I'm planning to buy a MSI 8800GT video card. Link: http://www.msi.com/index.php?func=proddesc...mp;prod_no=1375 Can somebody tell me if the EFI string method will work for it just like for the EVGA card? Thanks
  7. Marvell Yukon 8001 - the driver

    this is wierd but i've got a kernel panic when trying to use this driver. it looks like it breaks at line: if ( (pciNub = OSDynamicCast(IOPCIDevice, provider)) == 0) after that i got the error message and kernel panic all i know is that linux reports the card as marvell yukon, and the vendor and product id are matching too