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  1. ExpressCard™/54 slot

    no , in all cases i have to put any express card in slot BEFORE powering and booting on mac os x on windows , hot swap is working well i didn't spoke about memory card in sdhc slot but SxS cards that are in fact an express card/34 format and used in sony EX1/EX3 camcorders but i can mention that my sdhc slot have the same behaviour , as i have to put sdcard before booting mac os to be mounted and hotswap don't work (the voodoo sdhc kext have no effects , even if device ids are correctly set)
  2. ExpressCard™/54 slot

    for the slot himself i don't use any additional driver (i have a express firewire card that works, but i have to insert before power on) but , for xdcam cards you must install the mac SxS drivers from sony freely available here : http://www.sonybiz.net/biz/view/ShowConten...rveContext=true and don't forget to update your final cut pro and xdcam transfer to get xdcam drivers... hope that helps...
  3. Intel Wireless Drivers [OSx86]

    a thing like this costs about 10 euros here in France http://www.bluestork.net/product/BS-WG-USB...ter-USB-54-MBps
  4. Intel Wireless Drivers [OSx86]

    buy an usb dongle like zydas 1211 or realtek 8187b it works like a charm !
  5. Intel Wireless Drivers [OSx86]

    Fake guys ! here's some strings i've extracted from false driver file 'wifilink' ATI Model���model���Callisto: omni's ATI Driver&FrameBuffer, build 008, 13-Jun-2006 Callisto: Model %s (%s) CallistoUseAltPLLMethod�Callisto: [OPT] Using Alternative PLL Method ATOM ATI BIOS detected Callisto: Legacy ATI BIOS detected Callisto: no ROM found - DANGER WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! DDR�SDRAM���Callisto: %ld MB %s found on %d bit wide bus Callisto: xtal calculation failed: %ld Callisto: Retreived PLL values from BIOS Callisto: Retreived PLL values from registers Callisto: Used fall-back default PLL Callisto: Reference=%d.%02d MHz (RefDiv=%d) Memory=%d.%02d Mhz, System=%d.%02d M Callisto: Found Monitor: %s Callisto: Monitor EDID retrieved Callisto: Invalid input parameters Callisto: Refresh rate not CVT standard Callisto: 60Hz refresh rate advised for reduced blanking Callisto: Aspect ratio not CVT standard seems it comes from the old ati callisto injector also info.plist is ridiculous
  6. ExpressCard™/54 slot

    it works on my acer aspire 8930 with xdcam transfer 2.1 and sxs drivers BUT i have to put the sxs before i boot osx and hot plug doesn't work (unlike vista in the same computer) since i backup sxs raw data (BPAV folder) in vista during shootings and use xdcam transfer via final cut in a second time i didn't try to find out the reason of not working hotplug. if someone passing by this topic have an idea .... .klim.
  7. NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2

    hello just to thanx a lot aquamac and xdarwin i just bought an acer aspire 8930G with a geforce 9700M (064A10de) and it works with qe/ci using aquamac geforce 9000 installer and nvdarwin 1.2.4 kext no need to use efi strings or info.plist editing i started with a idebian 10.5.5 install need to find solution for sound and eventually network (but i doubt) cheers .klimo.
  8. hi there i was in same situation with my 6gb ram ,asus P5K deluxe wifi and 10.5.4 idebian random kernel panics or frezees ; crash when launching memtest.... but stable with maxmem 3071 (using AHCI) disabling jmicron was NOT the solution , jmicron dev 2363 IS the problem (PATA device) AHCI SATA jmicron works well with 4gb+ so... i upgraded my bios from 501 to 901 version (latest for this card) and tadam my mac os 10.5.5 is rock solid (this morning i launched a 3h after effects render while working in FCP and motion...without any problem) and my mac os x is booted since two days.... kernel panics occured when jmicron adapter was enabled or not BEFORE my bios update be aware that upgrading the bios you can be in front of kernel panic problem while booting osx it's because the kernel is more sensitive to certain bios settings concerning cpu c1e must be disabled XT and Vt enabled apic 2 and acpi 2 enabled i have a dual core 2.12 ghz overclocked at 3,41 and 6go dual channel 1066 ddr2 ram also i changed the stock smbios to a modified 1066 smbios (found in idebian distrib) sata ahci (ich9) and j micron ahci works flawlessly with esata hot plug BUT i deleted PATA device in infoplist of jmicronATA.kext (2363197b) PATA jmicron and lost PS2 keyboard , (i think due to smbios i will search for that later...) i can't use official jmicron driver , it cause kernel panic on boot (talking about ioatafamily and ioatablockstorage) i tried to inject 2363197b in ioatafamily/applepiixata.kext but without results voila so if u cant find a solution for your freezzes try this... .klimo.
  9. Nvidia G92 (8800GT) support in 10.5.2

    christmas before christmas ... time to really upgrade to leo.
  10. change : jmicron eSata works now in osx by enabling AHCI mode in bios don't know why its works well in XP in IDE mode (i should add jmicron dev id in the good kext i think)
  11. i've got an asus p5k wifi-AP concerning eSata i managed to make this work by using 10.4.8 jmicron patch the disk was a maxtor 120GB but since i swapped my 120GB by a samsung 500GB (in the same esata Box) - Esata isn't working anymore however my disk is correctly detected by jmicron bios and mounted in windows (via macdrive) both disks got a HFS+ partition i didn't take time to search about this problem (simply reinstalled jmicron patch but without success...) if i got news , you will be informed of course , but if someone know a remedy ....??? .klimo. PS : P-ATA via jmicron is VERY SLOW