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    Lenovo X220 using MaciASL

    I've begun attempting to patch my DSDT. One of the bigger issues is I get around ~19 errors after compilation. That is after I apply patches, x220 specific ones from a git repository of DSDT patches. One of the worst things is I've opened MaciASL and compiled the extracted (immaculate) DSDT and it gives me 17 errors! How can my DSDT have errors and yet be in use by the laptop? Most of the errors (with exception of one) involve lines like Name (_PLD, Buffer 0x10) //_PLD: Physical Location of Device and return "Invalid object type for reserved name (_PLD: found Buffer, Package required)" and my first error (which happens to be the sole different one) is Name (_IRC, 0x00) // _IRC: Inrush Current with error "Reserved name must be a control method (with zero arguments)" Again, this isn't patched DSDT, this is the one that is extracted from my machine. What's going on?
  2. sports

    Ralink WiFi dongle not working

    The kext isn't specifically for my device, but for some reason it works just fine. My Wireless Utility depended on the kext, I guess, which is weird considering that OSX detected the 802.1x card off the USB hub and did everything to identify for it. Thanks!
  3. RT @icp: S2D. If your wear pants to bed & {censored}... do you {censored} your pants, or {censored} the bed?

  4. I have a Panda Wireless Ultra 150 Mbps Wifi dongle that refuses to work on my recent Mavericks install. I've tried about 6 different driver install softwares (all claiming to be 10.8 compatible, with one saying 10.9) and the Wireless Utility won't open a window or even a dialog once installed. I've used MediaTek, Ralink, Bear (?), and the one on this site to attempt to install Ralink 5370 drivers- and none of them will let me open this utility. Does anyone have any experience/any idea on what I can do? My machine is a Thinkpad X220, everything else seems to work fine except this dongle. Thanks.
  5. @gotdatwmd eh it's not too trolly since P/C and GBS were converted into neo BYOB