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  1. I think you guys can solve my prob, I have created a thread for it already but no one replying there. So i dont have any mac system to use. I have just a windows 8, mavericks.dmg, darwin.iso, transmac and unlocked vmware player. Now any guide to install mac on vmware?
  2. bump! so many pandits and no reply . Guys do you really install OSX or just in air talk?
  3. I searched all forums but I did not find any state to the point answer and guide, beg ur pardon if it is already available and point me to there. I have :- 1. win 8 host 2. mavericks dmg (also burnt it to a DVD) 3. unlocked vmware player (latest) 4. darwin.iso (doesnt know if version matters, so plz let me know) yet when I try to create a new virtual machine vmware shows efi...unsucceful bla bla error and i cant pass from here. Any help will be appreciated.
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    I am from India. IT-manager. Want to say all pandits.