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  1. I think my installation will be able to become a Vostro 3750 guide pretty soon :-) Now the sound works for me and no graphics glitches any more. Still having the following issues: - trackpad not working (buttons are pushable, but the cursor moves too slowly and no gestures) - keyboard not working after sleep - no brightness control
  2. Well, looks like I will never run my WiFi card as it is Intel Centrino 1030. Just going to change it. But I hope to be able to fix the following issues: - sound not working at all - trackpad not working at all - keyboard not working after sleep - graphics glitches appear sometimes UPD.: Installed a clean version of VoodooPS2Controller.kext, it made my trackpad recognizable but still unusable (cursor moves too slowly). Moving on.
  3. Okay, I've done it with my Vostro 3750. Problem solved just using a SSDT file for my particular CPU instead of the one from the topic, and the system has installed successfully. But I still have no WiFi, my touchpad isn't working and the graphics have lots of bugs. And dear topicstarter, I have just realized, что вы русский, хотя до этого читал всё внимательно, но выложенная вами раскладка клавиатуры даже отчего-то не намекала. Спасибо за гайд. Хоть у меня и не совсем такой лэптоп, ну и многие железки пока не завелись, но я её запустил-таки, чему несказанно рад.
  4. So you think I could just switch to an internal HDD install and get rid of the "Still waiting for root device" issue without turning C- and P-States generation on by that? Okay, I'll try it later. And may I use an eSATA HDD? I don't want to format an internal HDD 'til I run the Installer 'cuz it's the only Windows machine near me, the others are native Macs without Windows installed
  5. I'm using a USB stick for Clover and a USB HDD for Installer. Going to install it to an internal SATA HDD. Yes, I know the meaning of this string, but you see it RUNS through it and continues booting until the P-State Stepper error message when C-States and P-States generation is turned on, so it looks like the media is not a real problem. As for npci I've already realized there's no need to use it.
  6. Thank you. Done what you said. But now I'm having a "USBMSC identifier (non-unique) [blah-blah...] Still waiting for root device" issue. I can see USB Injection is turned on. BTW when I try ncpi=0x3000 or 2000 (read somewhere that this can help solve this problem) nothing changes, but after enabling P-States and C-States generation, it passes a "USBMSC..." string, goes far and finally gives the same P-State Stepper error just like before.
  7. Yes, I understand that. But 1) I should start with something and want to get help not just to fix everything (like "guys, go and make a working image for my laptop while I'm drinking coffee" - never this way) but also to understand it, however there is so much information, etc. that I don't know where to look at first; 2) in this case I prefer to go in a backward direction and to use the patches and then fix what doesn't work, because this guide is made for the closest model to my lappy I've found on the Web.
  8. Hey, I'm really new to all this Hackintosh stuff and don't know or understand many things (but I'm trying, yeah) about different kinds of DSDTs and so on. I'm trying to apply this guide to my Vostro 3750 having almost the same motherboard (as mentioned in this thread) but can't even run the Installer. I've patched my BIOS, now it's fully UEFI compatible with a bunch of the needed options unlocked, I've copied the prepared Clover stuff only modifying the motherboard ID from 3450s to 3750s in the appropriate folder name (inside the OEM folder). Sooo... Clover runs without GUI (I don't know if it should), OS X Installer boot process stucks on the following error: p-state stepper error 18 at step 35 — unfortunately, I don't even understand WTF is that. I would really appreciate any possible help. Thanks.