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  1. I'd like to find a web host that is cheap and simple. If I go with something like GoDaddy, I get a lot of storage space, bandwidth, and mysql/php support, but I don't need all of this. I probably only need up to 1 GB of storage and 100-200 MB of bandwidth/month. Just file hosting, no services. I don't even care if it's 100% reliable. I know a domain might cost around $10/year, but then I would like to be able to find a simple host for maybe $1/month or less. Has anyone used a place offering this? Or is there even anywhere for free? I would like to be able to upload things quickly.
  2. Can anyone recommend Windows software which backs up all data on a hard drive, including the OS, to be stored on an external hard drive (so that you can load everything, including the windows, onto a new hard drive in case the old one fails)?
  3. If you buy a computer with Vista now, it comes with a 7 upgrade in october. Does the disk they send you let you use it only one the one computer, or would you be able to use it to upgrade multiple computers? If the upgraded-to-7 computer dies, could you use that disk to reinstall win7 (acting like a recovery disk)?
  4. I've got two different batteries for my laptop (and only one can be used at a time). They are brand new and I've only used one so far. I plan on using the other one after the current one starts to hold charges poorly. But I haven't tested to see that the other one works. Does it matter if I charge it now, and then use it months/a year later, as opposed to leaving it uncharged that whole time? Or does it not really affect the battery's health - does the health only depend on how many times you recharge it and actually use it? This is actually concerning my HP laptop, but I think the answer should be the same.
  5. Run 32-bit app on 64

    Basically - if I have the installer for a program, say photoshop trial, which seems to be made to run on windows 32-bit, can that same installer be used on 64-bit versions of windows, without any issues, or decreased performance?
  6. Install Win7 in vmware

    It took forever to install and boots up slowly, but it runs okay considering its a vm. It's kind of slow. When I installed vmware tools (profile vista), and restarted it gave me an error and now I can't boot into it. I took a snapshot before installing vmw tools, but loading that doesn't help.
  7. I have vmware on a windows xp machine with 512 MB ram. Would I be able to successfully install Windows 7 beta on it? I don't care if it's a little slow, as long as it functions.
  8. XP booting up in 8 sec

    I don't think it was either of those, but I can't be sure. I just found it kind of interesting.
  9. For a short time at work, I was working on an old Dell laptop with XP that booted up ridiculously fast. I think it was something like 7 seconds from power button to user menu, and then maybe 4 seconds until the desktop loaded completely. Otherwise, the laptop was {censored}. It probably didn't have good specs, because it could barely move windows around at a really low resolution without stuttering. Maybe this isn't so amazing, but I'm just wondering why this booted so fast and if it might be common.
  10. I just installed 10.4.8 JaS for maybe the 4th time, and every time the installation goes fine, but when it restarts a message comes up over the apple with the white background and tells me to restart. I booted into verbose mode and the only error I noticed was something with NVDA10. Then it says the Login window app is started and that's it. The first time I installed I had every option checked except AMD. This past time I only checked Intel. Here are my specs: HP864n Desktop 1 GB Ram 150GB hard drive Intel Pentium 4 (I think it is SSE3, but it's not like there's a choice anywhere) Graphics card came with computer built-in, I think Nvidia TNT RIVA or something I would ideally like a dual boot with XP (I also have the XP CD so I can install it after or before if need be) but first I would like to make sure OS X will work on it. Installing osx86 took much less than an hour, so if I need to reinstall it again that wouldn't be too much trouble, although it seems that I have to delete the installed Mac stuff before it boots onto the install DVD. I also have an ubuntu live cd if that helps. I searched and some other people have had this problem. I followed one guide that had me boot into single user and delete some files, but it didn't work. If anyone can help me just get this restart message away and osx to boot, I will be very grateful.
  11. install problem

    Also, how did you solve the PLEASE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER error? I'm having that problem after it installed but freezes on boot (so now I'm just going to try and reinstall with only the intel patch).