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  1. OSXtasy is exactly right and I agrre with everything he/she said. Im an EE and will tell you there are two things that kill electronics...voltage transients (lightning will do nasty irrepariable things) and heat. Keep those two things out and electronics will last a long time. I do just what OSXtasy says with SMC Fan control...I keep a minimum of ~3700 RPM and have a max fan setting when I do anything more intensive than simple stuff. Keep the heat out and it WILL last longer, and that goes for any electronic device.
  2. You should remove the IDE card and all HDD except the one you're installing OSX on to remove all possible variables of conflict...KISS
  3. Most compatible Hardware

    I second the BadAxe2 MB with a compatible video card. Very stable with only a couple of drivers needed.
  4. What the? Spaces stopped responding

    After a reboot everything works normal again.
  5. For anyone else having this problem I downloaded Service Pack 1 from the Microsoft website (for Office 2008) and that installed ok. I then was able to download and install the rest of the updates through updater.
  6. Since Im getting no response can some atleast say "Im using Office and I can update it" Im not sure if its a hackintosh or a windows software problem
  7. Spaces works by keyboard but just stopped responding by mouse. No matter what button I assign it will not respond by mouse I was working on WINDblOWS Office when this problem started I repaired permissions and I have no clue what happened Can someone please help me figure this out
  8. I did a search and couldn't find anything. It downloads the update then immediately freezes Anyone else have this problem? I'm open to suggestions as to what could potentially be causing this?
  9. Type "bike town mysticus" in Google. It is the first link
  10. I understand no one can run a completely vanilla install, but some of us can run a completely vanilla kernel, and that is what I would rather do except there is no option for that kernel or a "just keep what you have" option. Does that make sense? I dont know if Im not explaining this well or is there something I dont understand? I only require two kexts for a stable system and dont want to add anything else I dont have to have to run stable. By the way kernel 9.5.1 appears to be running perfectly...Its been up for a couple days with no problems
  11. Yes, I looked at the options. There is no vanilla 9.5.0 kernel (with no fixes - untouched) option I wasn't sure what the 9.5.1 kernel was, but I assumed it was an updated kernel and it had no fixes so I checked that option. Im trying to stay as vanilla as possible, and I had no sleep/shutdown issues with vanilla 9.5.0, but since there is no "keep what you got" option I decided to try 9.5.1 not knowing it was meant for the new MacBooks
  12. Well, I'm running it. The update seems to have gone well. I got one kernel panic the first time I booted back into Leopard about 5 minutes into the OS. After rebooting I have not had a kernel panic since (a few hours) Its identifying as an iMac. Sleep/shutdown works. I still use a boot 132 disk for start up. I didn't see any option for a plain vanilla 9.5.0 kernel, which is what I was using with no problem, and there is no option to keep what I had.
  13. Is the 9.5.1 Kernel an updated vanilla kernel? Im using 9.5.0 right now with no fixes and it works perfect. Which kernel do I need?
  14. BadAxe2 users

    HAHAHA...as soon as I ask something I seem to figure it out right before I get the reply. Well as luck would have it I tried a Boot132 with those kexts included, and it this install has been running two days straight without a single problem. Do you have a PS2 keyboard or mouse? I have a PS2 keyboard I would rather use but it didn't work...I thought it would with those kexts. I wonder if the modified BIOS Im using is affecting that???