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  1. thanks a lot for the response!
  2. bump...please? can anyone point me in the right direction?
  3. ahh! please help i would love to have dual screen up and running but yet to no avail!
  4. i get the same results as you, except my system profiler doesn't even say there is no second display connected, there is just nothing after the first displays stats.
  5. is it possible to get dual moniters working on my gateway notebook? my specs r in my signature. i have a x600 mobility radeon and i have a samsung external moniter.
  6. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    The following is my dmesg results dmesg.txt
  7. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    Thank you dopefish! upon booting with '-v' my notebook now loads the kext. I do not yet have sound, but i am one step closer and will post the dmesg soon
  8. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    i did everything, still no sound. The system profiler says no built-in audio but i have a sound icon and i can adjust the volume and it says i have a line out device AC 97 (PCM). regardless, for the quick response i just cant get this working ive experimented with the kext for power saving and without and all the specific kexts inside of them (amd, atiixp, etc.) There has got to be something to get this working
  9. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    now i download the binary, follow the instructions, only to find that when rebooting my notebook says that the .kext was installed/configured improperly. My sound is Conexant Cx20468 @ ATI SB400 AC'97 could someone please point me in the right direction of getting this to work! Update: i followed the instructions on the osx86 wiki about installing audio kexts when the computer loads i now get a volume icon on my top bar on the right. But in the System Profiler it still says "no built in audio" and i still have no sound. My laptop only has spots for external speakers and a mic. My speakers work in niether nor do my built in speaker play sound.
  10. Out of Luck

    i have a 7508gx which is very similiar to yours and i am having the same issues. how did you find your chipset and driver for sound? once you have it i believe repairing your permissions should make the sound work as far i know. as for video i am able to change the resolution and it reads as pcie but does not have ci or qe
  11. -Wireless Switch workaround: I triple boot xp, osx, and linux(slack). All that is needed is at the least a dual boot 1.) I boot into xp and let it load to the login screen. The w/s should turn on automatically but if not turn wireless on using keyboard switch. Mine is hold [Fn] (next to the 'ctrl' button) and press [F2]. The light goes on telling me wireless is enabled. 2.) Upon reboot i load OSX at bootloader (I use acronis) and the switch remains turned on! A helpful workaround until a solid solution is found. I have yet to find this a nuisance. Im sure this will work for those using linux as well I know its not scripters or programmers indepth analysis and solid fix, but until one surfaces it beats spending 40 bucks just for your mac partition!