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  1. The chipset is NVIDIA nForce3. The Mainboard is GA-K8NSC-939
  2. With AMD 64 3000+ and Bronyas "mach_10.9_beta" I do get the following error running continously very quickly over the screen: invalid kernel opcode (64-bit) a1 b9 8f 80 7f ff ff ff 08 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 I can see some other messages running over the screen too quickly to read between always the same message described above. Then after some time it reboots. On the Phenom X4 9600 the "mach_10.9_beta" works fine (like the PM2 kernel) and also PStateChanger works.
  3. I mean this message: hfs: mounted MacintoshHD on device root_device After this nothing happens anymore. I can turn off/on the capslock, but I can not type into the console. After some time a message about power management appears. Sorry, I do not have the message at hand, but if it is important I can post it tomorrow. The HDD activity light stays on in that situation. With the PM2 kernel the filesystem check is done after that message.
  4. @Andy for me only your kernel from "AMD_Kernel_And_PM_REL2.zip" works. All other kernels stop after mounting root_device.
  5. Graphic Issue or something? GeForce GT430 Dual Display

    YEAH, thank you very much for the hint. I have played arround with so many kernel extensions and kernel versions and chameleon options. I can confirm that the kernel from AMD_Kernel_And_PM_REL2 works fine. I can also confirm that on VGA Connector I do only get a resolution of 1024x786 and no option to change it. With a HDMI->VGA converter I do get the correct resolution for my display (1280x1024). QE is enabled, but there are the typical artifacts for example at the volume names on the Desktop reported by many others. USB3.0 PCI card and onboard firewire seem to work fine. Benchmarks show 70MB/s on Hitachi HDD connected via onboard SATA. Onboard Audio does not work out of the box (did not work on that yet).
  6. This kext is 32 bit only :-(
  7. Graphic Issue or something? GeForce GT430 Dual Display

    Congratulations! Could you give more details please? 1. Which exact kernel from andy are you using? 2. Did you use his PM kexts? 3. What's your exact chameleon version? 4. Which other kexts did you install? 5. Did you create a smbios.plist? As described by KemalAKIN? 6. What's the manufacturer of your GT430? 7. What are your chameleon settings? I am trying with an AMD Phenom 9600 on a Gigabyte ga-ma790x-ds4 with an Asus GeForce GT 430 with no success so far.