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  1. Hello everyone ! I gotta start somewhere and, well, here I am ! So basically, days ago, I made my first hackint0sh on a HP Pavillon DV2000 (the old one, with the Core Duo @1.83Ghz and the GMA 950) with the help of iAtkos S3 V2. Everything is working pretty fine except for the USB and the Wifi (also the Ethernet, but I don't need it): when I connect an USB key, nothing happens, OS X doesn't say a thing, and the USB key doesn't seems to be powered. And about the Wifi card, yet it seems to be detected by OS X (it says there's an AirPort card connected) but when I try to click on "Turn the Airport on", not a single thing happens. Ironically, it's a Broadcom 4311, the one that should be natively supported (well I'm not sure, I'm still a noob at hackint0shes). I searched all along the web, but I couldn't find a working kext for the Wifi card and the USB problem, maybe I'm doing something wrong ?
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    Hi ! I'm Slim, a Windows and Linux advanced user, and a complete noob on all about Hackintoshes. Made my Hackintosh a week ago, and it's working pretty good except for some nasty parts.