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    Mac Mini or iMac? Help, Please.

    I had a Hackintosh, but I fried the mobo. I thought that I would go the legit route because I did experience some audio problems with 10.9.2. Every time I would use Garageband, the sound would cut out and would not come back on until I rebooted the computer. Same with the machine waking up from sleep. Now that you mentioned it, though, I was thinking about using my gaming rig as a Hackintosh. It is a Gigabyte UD4H/i7 3770K and Ge Force 780 Ghz Ed. I thought that I would be able to turn that into a Hackintosh and use Boot Camp or Parallels to install Windows. Then, I would still be able to play some games. I told myself that I would stop playing computer games and move to the consoles...long story. Anyhow, what do you think about that? I would like to know, however, how that i5 dual core Ivy Bridge will hold up when recording in multiple tracks Garageband. I am torn between the i5 and the i7. How much of a difference will there actually be for a $250 difference?
  2. Hello, After a while of being out of the Mac loop, I am looking to get back in. I am looking at an iMac or a Mac Mini. I have owned an iMac in the past and I like it. However, I would really like to use whatever device I choose to run as my home media streamer/server. I would also like to use it for Garageband and possibly some graphical/web design work. I am leaning heavily to the Mac Mini side, but I am afraid that (1) if I buy one now that a Haswell version will become available and (2) that I will not be able to run Garageband efficiently with the i5 2.5 Ghz dual core of the entry level Mac Mini. That is why I am even condsiderinig an iMac. I am not opposed to the i7 Mac Mini, but again I am afraid that the Haswell version will some out soon. I guess my questions are: Will the i5 Mac Mini run programs like XBMC, stream 1080p to other Smart TVs on my network and run Garageband? Would it be worth jumping up to the i7 Mac Mini? Should I hold out for the Haswell version? Or, should I just go for an iMac? Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions, advice and help. Testudo