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  1. No sound P5GC-MX/1333 (ALC662)

    Can you post your entire Clover folder? My Clover cannot see the El Capitan partition, only the Recovery HD How you set the IDE/SATA on BIOS? Thanks in advance
  2. Pow, velho, vi que você é brasileiro e eu aqui tentando falar em Inglês contigo, rs. Obrigado pelas dicas, amigo. Vou tentar aqui em UEFI.
  3. Its the Apple AirPort Combo with BT 4.0. http://www.osxwifi.com/apple-broadcom-bcm94360cd-802-11-a-b-g-n-ac-bluetooth-4-0-with-adapter-for-pc-hackintosh
  4. Here's the files CLOVER.zip Send me iMac de Júnior.zip IOReg.ioreg.zip
  5. My processor are not reaching the 800Mhz idle. It stays most of the time at 3Ghz. I've done all the steps from your guide. Can you help me?
  6. Download the "z97m-plus-usb.kext" and put on the EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.11 In BIOS, set the Intel xHCI mode to = ENABLED On Clover Configurator, inside System Parameter's Tab, set the "Inject Kexts" to "YES" z97m-plus-usb.kext.zip
  7. Clover pause after "boot1: /boot"

    This solved my problem. The boot time before is 14:045. Now is 5:786.
  8. Clover pause after "boot1: /boot"

    Sorry. The video was "public" now. Here is my boot.log bootlog.log.txt
  9. Hello, guys! I'm having a 10 sec pause between "boot1: /boot" and the clover menu I've disabled the debug in config.plist and changed the VBoxHfs-64.efi to HFSPlus.efi Thanks in advance Video showing the problem: https://youtu.be/EPWAs1XF_FM
  10. 10.11 full speed USB Z97M-Plus

    Open EasyKext Utility, type your password, and drag the "USB_Series9_Injector.kext" on window. Restart. USB_Series9_Injector.kext.zip Easykext Utility v2.0.zip
  11. 10.11 full speed USB Z97M-Plus

    There is nothing wrong with putting a injector in the SLE. The problem is to modify a native kext in that folder. With a injector, the contents of the folder remains intact. Just confirming that all four rear and two front ports are working at 3.0. ASUS Z97M-PLUS
  12. 10.11 full speed USB Z97M-Plus

    I have a Z97M-Plus and all my USB3 ports are working now after installing the "USB Injector for 9 Series kext" using EasyKext Utility Thanks, wegface