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    Status of Unlocker 2.0

    Unlocker 2.0.3 is pure magic!!! Thank you Mr. Donk.
  2. RichardAA

    Status of Unlocker 2.0

    Hello Mr. Donk, Thank you for your responses and all of your miraculous work. It is very, very much appreciated. Yes, if it is not too much trouble, a 32-bit version would be a wonderful. By the way, I was able to install Mac OS X Update 10.6.8 v1.1 on Fusion 7. Thank you very much. The sound card is not working yet. I have not yet gone through the procedures that worked in the past. I will keep you apprised if you want. Thank you again. -RichardAA
  3. RichardAA

    Status of Unlocker 2.0

    Hello, I am using a MacBook Pro "Core i7" 2.8 15" Mid-2014 OS: 10.9.4 VMware Fusion 7.0 To Mr. Sebus, I use Macs so using WKS10 is not on option. thank you. To Mr. Donk, Even though Snow Leopard would boot on my older MacBooks using older OSs and Fusion 6 or Fusion 5. The older Fusions would not work on my new MacBook, I could not boot nor install Snow Leopard Client, even though SN Server would work. Originally when I tried to boot SN Client on my new MB using OS 10.9.4 and Fusion 6 or Fusion 7 I would get a black/grey screen of death. But, all thanks to Mr. Donk, once I tried the the new unlocked202 I was able to boot the Snow Leopard disk but it would stop at the server check. BUT NOW.... I have tried the Donk.rom now I am booting and installing Show Leopard Client. THANK YOU again MR. Donk.I will update you on my progress on the Snow Leopard system updates. -RichardAA
  4. RichardAA

    Status of Unlocker 2.0

    Hello Mr. Donk, I have used your unlocked for years. Thank you so much for working on this again. I am very much looking forward to the fix of the server check for Snow Leopard. I have tons of PowerPC software that I would NOT like to go to waste. I will not bother you with this again. I just wanted to let you know that there was someone out there that still wanted this function. Thank you very much. -RichardAA