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  1. Marvell 88e8056 asus p5e3 problem

    Thanks RLF!!!!!i reseted cmos,and now it works!!!!
  2. PCGenRTL8139 1.4.1 for Mountain Lion

    Is anybody running this on mavericks?i can t get it to work...
  3. Disclaimer:This is not another topic on the same problem. So,my motherboard is asus p5e3,marvell 88e8056 onboard lan.As every kext and injetor that i tried rendered my system unbootable,but i could install other kexts,someone told me it may be a hw issue.I found i had an old realtek 8139d pci card,and i tried every kext for it,but it doesn t detect it in system report...Help?
  4. Marvell 88e8056 asus p5e3 problem

    It doesn t recognize it...even with special kexts
  5. Marvell 88e8056 asus p5e3 problem

    I have an old realtek 8139 pci card.gonna see if i can make it work...
  6. Marvell 88e8056 asus p5e3 problem

    I am now sure it isnt hardware related...I have a router and when i open the computer without thr injector it shows a light on my connection,but when i open with the injector the light is gone as soon as osx starts booting
  7. Marvell 88e8056 asus p5e3 problem

    I have a router and prior to the booting screen it shows ethernet as active and,after it gets to the booting screen it shows as if i unplugged the cable from the computer.I also have a led at the ethernet port in my motherboard which shows orange prior to booting screen and after that,it stops.If i disable ethernet in bios,the router identifies active ethernet all the time...I don t think it s a hardware issue
  8. Marvell 88e8056 asus p5e3 problem

    I can t understand why it worked before.......
  9. Marvell 88e8056 asus p5e3 problem

    And ,if i remember,some mavericks installs ago ), i patched ionetworking (not with injector) and the system workef but when i cliked the network in system preference it froze... I opened up my computer and the onboard ethernet board has a led which show an orange light,so i don t know... If i boot with-v it stops at:Bsd root:disk0s2 major 1 minor 1.it gets past the pci configuration etc
  10. Marvell 88e8056 asus p5e3 problem

    I will test this theory somehow...On the other hand,if the ethernet has gone bad/bios problem,shouldn t os x still boot,but not detect ethernet?.The only thing that makes me somewhat believe the ethernet has gone bad is that at the same time,my leopard install on one hard disk and mavericks on the other both froze at boot...And a day before,they worked...
  11. Marvell 88e8056 asus p5e3 problem

    Lan boot room wasn t active.I just wanted to make sure if it needed to be.This the strangest thing ever considering 88e8056 is so easy to patch....I can install other kexts,but the ethernet ones make my system freeze.... Do you think it might work if i install a dsdt (i don t need it but...)?
  12. Marvell 88e8056 asus p5e3 problem

    @rlf when i install sound kexts it works,so i don t do anything to the injector that causes it not to work. None of the above solutions work.If i am not able to do it,would an apple usb ethernet adapter work?
  13. Marvell 88e8056 asus p5e3 problem

    There must be sth really weird going on with my computer:(If it helps i wanna add some further information.I have 2 hdds that have 2 partitions each.First i had leopard on hd,then on the other hdd i installed ml and thr injector worked.I then installed mavericks on the ml hdd with clean install.I installed the injector and it worked.Thr next day it froze at boot and,what d more weird:i couldn t boot the leopard hdd either.I installed MAvericks again and formated the other hdd which had leopard(just in case).It still didn t work.I then installed ml again and it didn t work there anymore.... And now i am on the almighty mavericks... If i boot with -v it hangs at something like com.apple.iokit pci failed ...If i remember correctly
  14. Marvell 88e8056 asus p5e3 problem

    Riley Freeman ,thanks,this might work.But when i use it ,it says command not found...
  15. Marvell 88e8056 asus p5e3 problem

    Hello rlf,I did exactly as you told me,I installed mavericks fresh and then used kextwizard to install the injector you gave me.Same thing,freezes at boot and can only boot if i disable ethernet....bump should lan boot rom be active in bios?