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  1. here is my config https://app.box.com/s/kd8vi3f8a0r5lx5wdresxr3t7zjky5je i also have a screenshot of dpcimanager. https://app.box.com/s/oe3iyz2z2houur2ao1xurm44umfytukf https://app.box.com/s/73o11hpp8nqrxydq9roic1q4kq35hlo8 dsdt i am currently using. https://app.box.com/s/rplk831j5qj8xudlo2rhjwapjbd9ed03 Tried the steps post 251, and it did not work. Thank you. I went and clean install el capitan twice and both fixes all the issues i had. sound works and stay working after sleeps. Thanks for the guides. For those whose annoyed by the unsafe dismount of microsd or usb. this app "MOUNTAIN" willl unmount before sleep and mount after.
  2. https://app.box.com/s/i9ddu8iqwi1z3533njoqr2xctcce6w5z Hello, Can someone help me get my audio working? I tried the patches showed on post#1 and post#20. but they dont know. My issues are my audio not working. and MicroSD has "disk no eject properly". I also think my usb does not get recognize after sleep and it occasionally 1-3sec lag (could be faulty hardware). My dsdt at link above. Thank you. My ativ model is xe700t1c-ha1us. audio: alc269vc OSX: 10.10.4 (or 10.10.5) kext installed: ativhda codeccommanger acpibatterymanager acpibacklight
  3. Hello, I have followed this guide and re-install osx 10.10 several times. i got most of the features to work such as bright and battery as stated from the guide. i also was able to get audio to work with a pre-patched AppleHDA and dsdt. I am having a problem with sleep. it has the instant wake up problem but with a black screen. When i press any key, the screen light up. I have attached the dsdt, config, and ssdt and message log for trouble shoot. The reason for wake is "Wake reason: XHC1 EHC2 EHC1". My usb flash drive/sd eject when attempt to sleep. Please help. Sorry, cannot attach files but gave link to box instead. https://app.box.com/s/r4kghzm2ignd57gtcw9f7h0t27tn3llt Thank you.
  4. Hello, I have a UX31A-BHI5T11 with none patched v219. I could not get it to flash due to rom size error. My main issue is that i can not get osx bootloader to boot. does not see the SanDisk SDD. I can use bootloader from USB to boot mavericks in SDD ok. but i does not see the SSD to boot from it. Someone please help me with these 2 issues. Thanks.
  5. P5K-SE - Retail Leopard Instalation

    SOLVED. Hello, I am stuck at the same place no matter what I do. please help. spec: Asus P5K SE intel prescott 670 3.8ghz ht (single core with HT) <-- This was the cuprit. WD 400gb SATA (port2) Samsung SATA dvd burner (port1) or Pioneer usb dvd drive (IDE), or IDE pioneer dvd drive both being DVR110d NVidia 7900xx pci-e OK, my problem is it loads the boot disc, but it will not completely load leopard 10.5.6. It load to the "Apple" logo and stuck there, No mouse or pinwheel. This happen with usb external dvd and sata. please help. SOLVED. I boot the Retail OSX 10.5.6 with -v and saw the cpu multiplier complaint it was fast but I saw it. Now I just swap with my Celeron E1200 and it boot into OSX installation. I now have to figure how to hard set the multiplier and frequency on the board. I thought I need to get a P5Q with modded bios but I guess not. Thank you for the ISO Jimmy.