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  1. OK, nearly there. I'm installed, but when restarting I just get the silver Apple logo screen with a spinny whirlygig on it and it goes no further. Will test some other options and see if that helps
  2. Ahh. Because my laptop screen isnt very tall,ive been cutting off the top bit of the Vbox screen so missed that entirely. Thanks!
  3. Yeah had read up a bit on this and is what I was hoping would work within my virtual machine to run the PPC apps. I managed to get a bit further with my installation of this on VirtualBox. I got myself a copy of iPC off t'interwebs (seeing as it seems to be the almost idiot-proof installation from everything I have seen and plus it is the same OSX version as I have the retail CD for). It got as far as selecting my hard drive, at which point it couldnt find any. I created 4 different types of hard drive and added an old XP virtual drive as a 5th. Formatted them in VBox as follows: Default .vbi from VirtualBox - no modification Old XP Virtual Drive with XP installed on it .vbi, opened in XP, formatted with NTFS partition .vbi, opened in XP, formatted with FAT32 partition .hdd - no modification None of these were recognised by the installer. :-/ (still, its further than I got with just my retail CD and whatever loaders I could find, and given me fresh hope it may work!) Any ideas? (if a -v installation is required for any errors, let me know and I will run it and get it up here )
  4. Well whenever I try to run one of these PPC apps on OSX 10.8.5, it says "Power PC Applications are no longer supported" and does not open it. The annoying thing is, the PPC apps I need contain Printer drivers and Pantones to install on the Mac. Nothing more, nothing less. I cant find the drivers anywhere else on the net and I even tried bodging a driver in there, but it turns out I need a special driver for this one printer as it has extra features and the regular driver cannot use them and crashes when accessed. The Pantones I cant access without paying for them again (and they cost a bomb from what I hear!). It's the one thing I dont understand about macs. Surely there must be some logical way to spoof it within a modern OSX (a-la WINE/Linux) but from what I have seen, that isnt possible, so I came down the virtualisation route (and plus that way I thought I could try OSX out a bit more so it saves me time in the long run when working on them). Will just have to try and bodge some other way by the sounds of things though!
  5. Hi all, So I registered on the forums mainly (for now ) to ask about installing an older version of OSX on a virtual machine. Here is what I have so far (running in Win7 x64 Home Premium on an Intel i3 (Laptop is the Acer Aspire 5750 if more is needed): Mac OS X Install DVD (version 10.5.6) Virtualbox (v4.2.18) From what I have fathomed, I will probably need some kind of bootable GUI frontend loader to run before the installation of the CD, however I have been unable to find one for 10.5.6 in my travels (have found something on 10.5.1 but it then jumps to 10.6, which I tried and doesnt work - also, had a search on here, but is quite limiting as whenever I try to search for 10.5.6 specifically, the search strips out the "."'s which is no use whatsoever!). Have made sure all settings are correct in VBox (watched a few youtube videos of people setting up OSX versions so know about knocking off things like EFI and one video suggested setting everything as IDE (not sure why as have no sound, but there cant be any harm in it!) Also, many seem to recommend ripping the Retail DVD to ISO. Could do that, but is it necessary? If you could wrap me up in cotton wool with your answers, it would be appreciated, given I have little to no knowledge of Macs or Hackintosh processes (this is my first attempt at installing anything other than Windows or Linux to a VM or PC) Main reason I need it is to access some PowerPC applications that contain files that I need to access (for now just that anyway) but will be good to learn some of the processes behind it as well for future... always good to learn new things! Cheers in advance Ben
  6. cova

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello! Posting here as an IT Technician, who has NO clue about Macs and wanting to learn for work (as we support 3 of them in our marketing department). Will no doubt be poking questions whenever I cannot bodge something! Ben