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  1. Yup, you have Works here when I put the components on a UIView and connect up to that. Thanks. The connections are being made to the UIView. When you first open IB and have a blank window the first thing you should do is drag a UIView from the object library onto that blank window. Change the UIView's class to one of your own (e.g. MyView). Add a single action called changeText: and a single outlet called labelText of type UILabel. Now you hook the button outlet up to the view (so control-drag from the buttons Touch Up Inside event to a blank part of the view). Then finally hook the view up to the label by control dragging from the view (a blank area) to the label.Here's some images that might make it a bit clearer...
  2. Yes, just seems odd that Apple would release the new beta without the documentation being ready if they knew everyone would rapidly run into this problem. I can't help but feel it's either a bug or I'm missing something obvious.
  3. It's not the way the text is set that is the problem, because if you comment it out and leave an empty action then it still crashes. Console says... 28/03/2008 19:24:00 launchd[157] launchd(157,0xa040afa0) malloc: *** error for object 0x800003: Non-aligned pointer being freed*** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug If someone has a working example project of just a simple UI with a button and a label that works without crashing then could you please upload your project somewhere so that I, and others, can compare in order to find out if it's something we're doing or if it's our installation that's messed up. It's definitely the connector. As soon as I remove the connector from the button to my class it no longer crashes. Put the connector back, even with an empty stub, and it starts crashing.
  4. I have the same problem in that it crashes when I click the button. Also tried with no code in the method so yeah it must be the connection. I had hooked up the touch down event. Sucks, crappy beta.
  5. Fresh News from the Intel Front

    Why is a lack of 10.4.4 bad news? Let's assume the last PPC build of 10.4.4 came out on the 15th Dec and had only one known bug. Okay there have been holidays but before that the builds had been coming out more frequently than once a week usually meaning it's almost ready. So if it was almost ready where is it? Perhaps it's not being updated publicly (or at least to devs) and not been released officially yet because the work that's going on now is getting it ready for Intel. Why does 10.4.5 have to be what will be running on the first Intel machines. Perhaps 10.4.4 is now completely ready but won't be released until the Intel machines are public since that's what they'll be running.