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  1. Hello Using the unlocker with VmWare10, unlock went with no errors, when I start my vm, after a while, i get a blank screen, but I see the mouse and i can move it. If I "suspend" and "unsuspend" the VM then I can see the MacOS desktop, and I can also reach my shared folders on it. So it's working! But! I can't use the mouse nor the keyboard, i have no way to interact with the OS. Is anyone had this issue? Is there a way to fix it? Note: I was using this vm successfully with an older vmware and older unlocker some weeks ago. Thanks a lot for your help! :-) Edit: it seems it's working, i just can see anything. If i randomly click and hit an app icon on the desktop, it launches, but the display is not refreshed at all (except when I do suspend/unsuspend)