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  1. I just bought this card, per your recommendation. Is there anything special you did to boot from it? I'm unable to boot from the drive, it just stalls. But if I boot off my motherboard controller, Lion does recognize the card and the drives connected to it. What gives? Thanks!
  2. Has anyone been able to run their Silicon Image SI3132 on Snow Leopard? The drivers work in -x32 mode but I get a KP shortly after. Thanks!
  3. Safari 4 (5526.11.2)

    Can this be installed along side Safari 3? Or can you only run one or the other?
  4. 10.5.3 - Reboot not working

    Fixed the problem by copying some old kext's over. Not sure which one though.
  5. Has anyone found a way to fix the reboot problem with 10.5.3 ? I see that NVinstaller v.41 comes with a patched netkas_mach_kernel, but for 10.5.2. Would using this file work in 10.5.3? better yet, would it fix the problem with rebooting? Thanks! mangohead
  6. Expose Problems

    visual effects are jerky. but overall speed (boot up times, load times) are faster than tiger. does that sound right to you guys?
  7. Leopards' firewall has been moved to the Security section of preferences and the rules have been simplified alot. In 10.4, you could open specific ports (predefined or custom). In Leopard, there are only 3 options - allow all, block all, allow specific applications. Anyone find a way to open a specific port?
  8. Expose Problems

    I second that. The dock bar doesn't feel as smooth when the mouse cursor hovers over it, and windows animations don't seem as fluid. Macbook Pro 2.16 - 3GB Ram - 250GB 7200rpm HD - ATI x1600 128MB what hardware are you running?
  9. Cannot Install Printer(s)

    I installed Leopard and removed all the printer drivers except for brother drivers with a customized installation. When I boot into Leopard and try to add a Printer, I dont see any options to select a printer, or any printers to choose from. I've tried to re-install them from the DVD without any luck either. I also have a Canon MP160 and since I dont see any drivers, I downloaded the OSX 10.4 drivers and tried to install those. Installation went through just fine and I was asked to reboot. I rebooted and there were still no printers installed and clicking on " More Printers " shows " No third Party printer browsers were found ". Any idea what is going on? Is there a printing "service" that needs to be enabled? Thanks!
  10. anyone brave enough to run the software updates? I noticed that iWorks'08 and other apps have updates available, but I didnt press download. 2 days away.. is it safe?
  11. Are there any AMD x2 users that are experiencing system lockups if they have cpus=1 when they try to access any SATA drives? tested in 10.4.6 and 10.4.7. Removing cpus=1 causing system to be very slow. Thanks!
  12. SATA write/access Locks PC

    I was wrong. 10.4.7 was not the culprit. Having " cpus=1" in my kernel flags was causing the lockup. I've since removed it and Disk Utility is partitioning new drives perfectly!
  13. SATA write/access Locks PC

    I reinstalled 10.4.6 and SATA was working fine. Then i installed the 10.4.7 myzar update and that broke my SATA read/write support. Does anyone know how to fix this? Can i just backup my entire /System/Library/Externsions folder and then restore it after i've installed 10.4.7?
  14. SATA write/access Locks PC

    I currently have OS X installed and working well on my IDE drive. As soon as I throw in my SATA drives and try to use them, my system locks. I have chown'd and chmod' the AppleVIAATA.kext. My system is as follow: - DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D - AMD x2 3800+ (kernel flags idehalt=0 cpus=1) - 2GB ram - 80GB IDE - installed OS X - 120GB SATA I tried partition or erase the SATA drive through Disk Utility but the system hangs. I also partitioned the drive in Partition magic, as FAT32 and OS X recognized it. But when I tried to copy any files over to the FAT32 drive, the system hangs. Has anyone experienced anything simliar to this? Thanks! mangohead
  15. Why Disk Utility does not work?

    I've got the exact same issue with my installation. nobody has any ideas?