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  1. Gigabyte Mobo frustration

    Hi guys, thankyou for your kind responses. I'll give these steps a try when I get chance this week, work's real busy for a couple of days. I'll post my findings!
  2. I have tried various installations, .kext options, BIOS settings etc. I cannot get Network, DVD drive or restarts to work on my hack 10.5.7 install. Audio and Video card appear to work out of the box, however. My specs: Intel Core2Duo E6600 2.4Ghz Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 4GB PC6400 RAM DDR2 ATI Radeon SATA HD IDE DVD Drive Please can anyone offer me any advice? I've searched the forums and followed a number of similar threads, which have referred to similar boards, to no avail.
  3. *Almost* Installed Gigabyte GA965 DQ6 Mobo

    OK, it seems the Wiki had actually thrown me off the scent! I'm typing this from my OSX86 install To correct the problem I went into my BIOS and changed all the IDE/SATA options to AHCI instead of legacy
  4. *Almost* Installed Gigabyte GA965 DQ6 Mobo

    I hit the options button to see how it was set before I installed, it was set to MBR. After that I erased the partition using Disk Utility and installed fine. The brick wall i'm hitting is old chestnut 'still waiting for root device'. I installed the ICH8R chipset driver from the custom install options during install - I'm at a loss on now to proceed now :/
  5. Hello my wizened brethren! Relevant bits of my system: Gigabyte GA965 DQ6 (Intel P965+ ICH8R chipset) Core2 Duo 6600 ATI Radeon X1900XT Installing from Uphuck 1.4i R2 DVD. 300G HD, 4 Partitions (XP NTFS, Vista NTFS, Data NTFS, OSX86 HFS+) Used Parted Magic to format 4th partition for HFS+ at first, installer didn't see it, so erased partition using Disk Utility. Install went fine, rebooted (forcing verbose mode) - I get the dreaded 'still waiting for root device' message. Tried setting IDE legacy mode for SATA in my BIOS, makes no difference. Other solutions on the Wiki seem to be specific for other hardware configurations. If one of you lovely people could offer me advice on how to proceed from this point, I'd be eternally grateful. Anyone else got OSX86 working on this Mobo from a SATA drive?