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    ThunderBolt Drivers

    Interested in other thoughts about the difference between ThunderBolt Drivers. I have a Designare EX w/ the TB3 USBC DSL6540 Controller. In Ubuntu16.04 and Win10, hotswap works and all device detected. Yet in OSX, even with DSDT I can get all devices detected, yet they do not load appropriate `ThunderBolt Drivers`. Which are responsible for enumerating the attached devices and determining whether it is `PCI-HotPlugCapable`, among other things. Behavior of Thunderbolt from DSL6540 in OSX is radically different. Yet on a New Emoji-Bar laptop the same controller works perfectly. So there's obviously a missing component here. Perhaps Macbook Configures the ThunderBolt controller before the operating system, unlike Linux/Windows. The Most Documentation I have other than the Linux Source. https://developer.apple.com/library/content/documentation/HardwareDrivers/Conceptual/ThunderboltDevGuide/Basics01/Basics01.html Attached in example of Linux Source of Thunderbolt Drivers. http://elixir.free-electrons.com/linux/latest/source/drivers/thunderbolt/nhi.c
  2. remote.syst3m

    ThunderBolt Drivers

    zeyoung, Does this antelope device use an kernel extension located in /Library/Extensions?
  3. Go Liquid Cooling, and mod the GPU for Single Slot. I've done this on 5-6 builds so far. I won't accept losing a slot for any reason.
  4. remote.syst3m

    ThunderBolt Drivers

    Awesome that so many have this working now. Cheers! I only had enough time to mod my DSDT and use on my 3 Designaire boards for work. I haven't had all the same experiences as some, NO adapter or device is required to be connected at Boot time. I never experienced this. Akitio TB2 > 3 adapter works much better than the Apple one. Next problem is writing/patching the TB driver to sort out the remaining 3rd party Thunderbolt issues. ATTO is one companies products which do not work and their drivers are located in /Library/Extensions/ NOT /S/L/E. It appears thesedevice drivers are only loaded when given a TB UUID to enumerate through devices, Clearly It's not happening at the moment. It's still a mystery to me. In the meantime I've been trying to get my hands on DataSheets from Intel. Thanks to RacerMaster and maleorderbride for making it available to everyone.
  5. The Thunderbolt menu won't show up unless a cable is plugged into the header, and connected to the AIC card. Which means you should have the TB card already installed. The only other time the menu will appear is when a onboard TB controller exists. (Like on the GA-Designaire Mobo)
  6. remote.syst3m

    ThunderBolt Drivers

    Thanks joevt, very helpful information. I'd like to pool resources. thunderbolt references, datasheets, and documentation is scarce. Here is my NHI0 Device (NHI0) { Name (_ADR, Zero) Name (_STR, Unicode ("Thunderbolt")) Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) { Store (Package (0x03) { "power-save", One, Buffer (One) { 0x00 } }, Local0) DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) } } In the Ioreg of a macbook 13,1 I see some additional properties I will try to inject properties more specific to Thunderbolt.
  7. Nice job! I have not done PETG. All my builds are 4U tho! Dual CPU/GPU 4U.
  8. You can use Aquearo from Aqua Computer. They have a full WC Monitoring system, yet it's windows and have to run in Vbox or VMware.
  9. remote.syst3m

    ThunderBolt Drivers

    I use Macpro6,1. I have not tried another profile. I got it working better from fully defining the XHCI2/3. As for Thunderbolt driver not loading, I have the same. The only time I can get them to load is when I have an XHCI2/3 Error and the system is very slow, Kernel Logs on XHCI2/3 every 1 second. Hotswap does not work like this.
  10. remote.syst3m

    3U rackmounting my hackitosh.

    It's good to have airflow in/out >> rear/front. Some Rack cases do not have fans in the rear. I do water cooling in a 4U rackmount, EK Blocks, Swiftech CPU/Pump Block. BlackIce Radiator. Temps are very cool, but I take the computer(for work) in very hot outdoor conditions.
  11. remote.syst3m

    Any suggestion for a dual LGA1366 board?

    I use the Z9PE and Z10PE, Both work well.
  12. remote.syst3m

    X99 GIGABYTE DSDT Patches

    Nice work my friend.
  13. remote.syst3m

    ThunderBolt Drivers

    Yes This is the same place I'm stuck. Have you tried adding the XHCI Device? As soon as I add XHC2 to the TB Bus in DSDT, I get a Thunderbolt Bus Detected in SysProfiler, but I'm overloaded with Kernel messages about AppleXHCIPCI power state failed. I think proper detection is related to USB3.1, I also noticed that the 3.1 Port on my Motherboard is connected to DSB2 in your photo This is the device I'm adding, compared to EmojiBook Pro( Now known as %ebp) Device (XHC2) { Name (_ADR, Zero) Name (SDPC, Zero) Method (_PRW, 0, NotSerialized) { Return (Package (0x02) { 0x6D, 0x03 }) } Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) { If (LEqual (U2OP, One)) { Store (Package (0x06) { "USBBusNumber", Zero, "AAPL,xhci-clock-id", One, "UsbCompanionControllerPresent", One }, Local0) } Else { Store (Package (0x04) { "USBBusNumber", Zero, "AAPL,xhci-clock-id", One }, Local0) } DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) } Adding the Dev/Ven to NHI IOPCIPrimaryMatch does nothing.. But you'll noticed right away that IOThunderboltPort@5 is now in ioreg. Maybe it's related to X99 XHCI Injector Kext. I keep getting Closer to the Thunderbolt Bus when I start adding more devices to XHC2/3 like DEV0 and RHUB
  14. Now how about the USB 3.1 Controller on that Designare Board, found in the Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt Controller? Each time I add RHUB to the XHC2 I get power state Failures, Although Thunderbolt Hotswap works fine.
  15. Just wanted to share a working ThunderBolt Build and discuss others ThunderBolt experiences. I'll be discussing only ThunderBolt. This isn't a guide, and if you need help just read, maybe something will help you. This info is all from default configurations and installs. I want to identify the behavior between OS's. Asus X99E WS https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/X99E_WS/ ASUS X99-Deluxe 3.1 https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/X99DELUXEU31/ Gigabyte Designaire X99 EX http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=5812#ov --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Asus motherboards use a ThunderBolt header directly on the motherboard. This obviously limits the MotherBoards available with ThunderBolt. In the X99 series, only an Add-in PCI-e Card is available. You Must install Windows7/8/10 and install the driver which updates the firmware. Now you can use the x2 thunderBolt ports in Windows. I have had limited success in OSX with the Asus Add-in Card. As Soon as you insert into your system, it will reboot twice and re-allocate resources. Anytime you make a PCI-e Slot change you must re-allocate resources, which is a deathly combination of BIOS Resets, unplugging the Header Cable, and moving cards around. 2nd GPUs or Areca RAID controllers have caused failure to POST. The Best scenario with Asus Add-in card is with GPU in SLOT1 and ThunderBolt Expansion Card in Slot2. No Hotswap, works occasionally, mostly needs a BIOS reset whenever you plan to use it. From my perspective, it doesn't work work reliably and I don't have much control over it. I know, How do you do that? Well, it kinda requires a Single slot GPU water Block, custom Loop, and dremeling off the 2nd DVI Slot on your GPU. I can't recommend this enough, since you get back a PCI-e Slot! I built a couple of Dual Xeon/ Dual GPU Rackmount Systems a few years ago, so cutting off that 2nd Slot got me x2 Slots back for 10Ge and a 12G SAS card! Anyway, My recommendation is not Asus. They don't have a totally working ThunderBolt solution even for Windows. I noticed on the X99E WS I couldn't POST with certain RAID cards, and Dual GPU was killing me. (This is all with the ThunderBolt card inserted, I swear it's a different computer as soon as you use the add-in card.) So Far, The Gigabyte X99 EX board has been successful, it has 1 onboard tb3 port. (I use a TB3 to TB2 Apple adapter) There is also a Add-in Card available for this board, it mostly works in Windows. Ubuntu 16.04 will not use the Add-in card whatsoever, but does detect it when running `lspci`. The only setting changed is ThunderBolt Pre-fetch line cache from 32 to 128. Very minimal BIOS settings, Virtualization=ON, UEFI Mode. While in Unique ID mode. I can hotswap devices on Windows, and Ubuntu16.04. But this only works if you have 'any' Thunderbolt device connected while Booting. Then you can swap the device or Drive, whatever. Which sort of tells me that there's a GPIO that is HIGH when a device is plugged in, and LOW when not plugged in. Now OSX 10.12, Boots fine. ThunderBolt devices work while in Unique ID Mode, but must be plugged in before Booting. Hotswap does not work. Add-in Card also will not work. I have not tried Legacy, since the Apple Documentation implies that Unique ID Mode is required for proper device enumeration. <<-- Some 3rd party Device drivers use this enumeration, and fail to load. But generally, Gdrives work, BlackMagic Devices work, adapters work. No information in System Profiler, which is expected. I can fake it, but that doesn't complete the real task. So This Post is generally supposed to spark some interest in ThunderBolt and start a Developer discussion. I am gathering information, If you have anything to share please do.
  16. remote.syst3m

    ThunderBolt 3 INFO Unique ID Mode

    After studying Thunderbolt3 for a few weeks, I was able to produce working HotSwap on the Designare-EX Board. Will post some details soon.
  17. I have just solved the ThunderBolt3 Hotswap on GA Designare-EX Add-in Card. I suggest this board as the Highest Performace X99 System with working ThunderBolt3 Hotswap.
  18. remote.syst3m

    ThunderBolt Drivers

    Made great headway so far. ThunderBolt3 with Working Hotswap. ACPI Compared to a Macbook (Emoji-enabled). Haven't tested all devices, but blackmagic, maxx-digital, g-tech all have shown good results mounting well after startup.
  19. Thunderbolt3 Hotswap working

  20. remote.syst3m

    dispatch kernel scheduling framework

    Here is a fix: Turns out a low priority Throttle targeting TimeMachine backups is to blame. keeping low priority backups throttled. Fix it permenantly. sudo sh -c 'echo "debug.lowpri_throttle_enabled=0" >> /etc/sysctl.conf' If anyone finds a problem let me know.
  21. Anyone know about the scheduling algorithm called 'dispatch' framework? I have noticed significant blocking on background processes in 10.10+ Mostly, if you try to make a copy in finder and then resume working in foreground application that background processes are partially blocked giving priority to the foreground application. For example, If I set a 100GB copy from say a usb drive to a ssd raid, then continue rendering or playing video in the foreground. Very strangely the transfer rate drops significantly in the background process. This is not hardware related, it has been tested in pre-Yosemite with no issues, Yosemite and after all have high performance inhibiting kernel scheduling. I have also confirmed from Apple, that foreground application performance is critical in the scheduling algorithm and has prompted this change. Does anyone have any clues? Or if there is a binary to manipulate this behavior? This is a specific issue, even an above average user may never actually see this behavior. I am moving 10-20TB per week to/from a 32TB ssd raid connected to a Areca 1883i. Then doing video compression and playback, which basically means. I can only perform 1 operation at a time without taking a performance hit from the scheduler on two tasks. I will make a script which makes two ramdisks, create a few 10GB files, transfers the files, and logs the execution time. It will be very clear to see, that even with no hardware restrictions the scheduler prevents appropriate performance.
  22. remote.syst3m

    Thunderbolt PCI Expansion for my Hackintosh?

    Thunderbolt does actually work, But only on specific boards. The Add-On card for Asus motherboards isn't very reliable unless running windows. (no Hotswap ie: legacy Mode & needed constant BIOS reset to re-allocate resources when moving PCI-e cards). I nearly gave up on this. I'm working on better support for the Gigabyte x99 Designaire series. It has x1 onboard TB3 port, and does work fine.. But it is not detected, so some 3rd party thunderbolt device drivers do not load properly or at all. Drives, and adapters seem ok, BlackMagic Devices were ok. Just about anything that's working in Windows will have a decent chance of working in OSX.
  23. You'll be fine, look at the asus x99ews or the gigabyte x99 designaire. The designaire has 1 onboard thunderbolt that works more reliable than the asus add-in card. I'm using 6950x, and TitanX. Either way you'll need to do some research to build the system to your needs. I left apple hardware 10 years ago, it was the smartest decision for my business.
  24. Nice! I haven't used Xeons over 8 core count, so I didn't run into that problem yet. I bought x2 pairs of 2680 a few years ago.