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  1. disable optimus card, need some help

    Clean DSDT OptTabl Info from Linux txt file Archief.zip
  2. disable optimus card, need some help

    I did a lot of searching and reading about how to disable an Optimus card. I found a lot of different options. So now I need a DSDT file to disable the card. I've got a clean DSDT-file I want to patch. Made one in Linux and also checked which method is used by Bumblebee. In Linux with optimus off my idle temp is about 10-15 degrees lower as in OSX. Idle in OSX is 70 degrees and when I start working with it goes up right away. Using parallels it peaks to 100. When I copy things from my SSDT-1 (OptTabl) to my DSDT I always get compile errors. What to do?Please help