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  1. I hope my request is not OT. I'm looking for advice about a PCI-X SATA II Raid (needed just for striping - e.g. RAID 0) controller, which is not only bootable, but "installable" too (e.g. seen from install DVD as a disk good for installing OS). I would like to build a RAID 0 system volume with two SSD drives. Given the high throughput of such devices, would a RAID 0 saturate the PCI-X controller? Thanks for your help. DAX
  2. Cmedia 8738

    Hello, has anybody managed to have mic-in working on this card? Thanks, Dax
  3. Thanks a lot! :-) It did work smoothly and successfully Dax
  4. Hi Donk, thank you for your great work. OS: Windows XP SP3 CPU: C2Q Q6600 I am experiencing some problems after upgrading from VMWare WSTN 6.5.2 (under which everything was working fine) to 6.5.3: - just after VM BIOS post I get the following message: "Operating System not found". Also at the foot of VMWare window, the following alert is shown: "Mac OS X Server 10.5 (experimental) is not installed on this virtual machine. Insert the installer disc and click Restart VM.". My .vmw is attached. Thanks, Dax Darwin.txt
  5. Thank you for your highly appeciated work. I could smoothly install Vanilla (retail DVD) Leopard 10.5 on VMware workstation 6.5.2, in both 32 and 64 bit flavours. Also, I could update to 10.5.7 through official Apple download service (I also updated all the other apps). No problems so far (sound is acceptable via Airfoil method), except minor annoyances after installing VMware tools: cut and paste, from and to host machine (Win XP Pro 32 bit) does not work. Any suggestion about that? My CPU is a Q6600, chipset is a 975X (on ASUS P5WDG2 WS PRO mobo with ICH7R). Thanks again , Daniele