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  1. Boot Failure

    hey i used to get that, what i did was change the display card thing in the bios, when i duid that it worked hope this helped
  2. Hey everyone, basically i installed the kalyway, disk and i used masterboot record and everything? but wen it reboots after a succesful installation it dosnt seem to boot, i also have tiger os x and that works so i went back to that BTW my computer is a dell 8400 3.0ghz Pentium ht and im tryin to boot from a sata drive, can sumone tell me sttp by step of wat to do, E.G partioning,erasing the harddrive to a readable forgat for os x, master boot record, giud... etc,, PLEAS HELP!!!!
  3. Hi everyone, i just installed osx on my dell 8400 and it runs nicely, but osx dosnt reconise the enthernet!!! so i done a bit of looking around this site and i find out i need a AppleBCM5701Ethernet.kext (modified version) i need it despreatly since i need to go online (im at the internet Cafe right now). i did find AppleBCM5701Ethernet.kext in the forums but wen i go to click on it , it says error, please HELP anyone who helps me to get this thing running, i will post them a chocolate bar!!! lol and i being serious!! Please MAC People!!!!
  4. Nedd To Make a cheap mac On budget here!

    yh i wanna just run osz for garageband and imovie dats all i saw the compatibility list(thanks for that BJmosses) but i wanna learn a it more about how people made theirs macs and i really just wanna spend 50-60 pounds since i have the hard drive ram,dvdrw, and the atx case i just need a compatible motherbored and proccesor any help bjmoose or any other people welcome?
  5. helow clever people of the world i have an ibook g4 sadly this has died on me and i need a mac i canrt pay for a brand new one or even a second hand one i heard a BIOSTAR U8668 D is a good motherbored i was thinking of buying this and buying a compatible celeron d proccesor with it i need help people please thank you