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  1. If you like G-Dragon Coup D'etat, this wallpaper is a must have! http://t.co/6vvhMXAsWl

  2. Hello, does someone know if it is possible to run OSX with an AMD A8-5557M. I mean, I know it's possible because I already have installed OSX on my system. The only problem is now the graphic cards. I have two of them in my laptop: HD 8550G and the 8750M. Under windows they are running in the dual graphics mode. I know that this is impossible under OSX. But would it be possible to activate the HD 8550 G? Under OSX it shows me only that this graphic card has only 4 mb vram the other one has 2 gb vram - I think it's the 8750M, But they are both not really active. QE/CI is disabled. It would be very great if someone could help me out here with this issue . Thank you very much in advance.