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  1. This has been fully functional for around a year and a half. Turned on and went to Mac OSX Mavericks today and this new error popped up on the loading screen. Do you know if this can be recovered some how keeping the installation? The drive is partitioned with Windows 8 and Mac OSX Mavericks. One picture is of the load screen from Chameleon v2.2svn r2378 and the other is booting in verbose mode.
  2. SurfacePro2OSX Thanks for the help. Got the install to work finally with the right by copying the kexts appropriately. Seems none of the drivers for sound, ethernet and others have loaded. Used the kext drop utility and still no sound, ethernet showed up with no connection. These messages keep showing up for all the kexts.
  3. SurfacePro2OSX Trying to install OSX and keep getting error saying missing bluetooth controller transport! Does anybody know how to fix this and get OSX working?
  4. (Surface2osx) The surface 2 files were removed and we are all wondering the progress anybody is having on them. This seems to be the best thread to post in for information and up to this point we all go here. Please continue to update us on progress and use this thread unless you have a better place to go.
  5. Anybody having anymore information on how to get the surface pro 2 running OSX properly please let us know.
  6. SonicRat when you get the chance can you let us know how they are going and upload files for the Surface Pro 2 ?
  7. (Surface2osx) You are the brains of this operation. When you upload the new files we will test and see if this can run well. Thanks for all the effort with the surface pro 2 and just think about all the possibilities with OSX functioning properly and a touchscreen.
  8. This is just not working for me. When doing everything in the guide and using the new files the install goes much smoother now, everything seems to be in the right folders, opened up terminal after the install put in the kexts to /S/L/E. After trying this in normal, verbose and without caches and with injected kexts this goes to the same black screen in the picture earlier after clicking on mavericks. What can i do to give you any information on this process for help?
  9. Thank you for the detailed guide and your patience with the install process. Let you know how the install goes. Please attach files when you can.
  10. (Surface2osx) Well the install finished and can see the space taken up on the new drive created. When going into clover the new partition for Mac OSX is on the list of selectable drives, but still getting the screen from earlier when clicking on the OSX comes up black like loading and shoots me back to the surface screen loading into windows 8.1. This was done multiple times in verbose mode, safe mode and without caches and with injected kexts. If you can help me from here please. A new guide would be awesome for this, although feel like this is pretty close to functioning so helping other people is possible.
  11. Thanks so much with the drivers loaded in everything seems to be functioning and the installer is up. Now onto partitioning with the windows setup earlier in the thread and look forward to getting this going. Thanks again and will update progress.
  12. (Surface2osx) The original kernel was replaced with the Mach_Kernel from the link provided on the first page. Below is a picture of the new kernel in the root folder, hopefully in the right place. The DDST settings were changed in the EFI/Clover/ACPI/Patched folder to the newest found in this thread. Do you know how to load the installer from here and thanks so much for the help so far.
  13. (surfacepro2osx) Okay thanks for the help anyway. Anxiously awaiting the new guide on surface pro 2 and going to continue trying the install. The vanilla install of pen drive works because clover comes up properly and can see the OSX Mavericks image but no installation starts after clicking on the image.
  14. (surface2osx) Thanks for all the help and knowledge provided by everybody in this forum! Having done a few hackintosh builds this one seems to be the hardest for me. Is it possible anybody can help me with the install? Keep on getting to the clover boot screen and the screen goes black whenever clicking on the Mavericks installer. Have tried booting in verbose mode and safe mode neither go anywhere! Here are the prompts when the installer is launching. Have to do this dual boot install and enjoy the challenge please help! One thing I can't seem to do is get rid of the graphics Ktext's pretty sure I did by deleting them in the EFI partition but when in the System/Installation/Packages folder many more are inside. Do those have to go also?