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  1. I enabled all of these. - Limit CPUID Max to 3 - No Execute Memory Protect - CPU Enhanced Halt - CPU Thermal Monitor - CPU EIST Function - Virtualization Tech I'm not sure which one did the trick and if I need to have all of them enabled. But for now it's working.
  2. Newbie here. I had this same problem. Got it fixed this morning. I have a Gigabyte P35-DS3R with Intel chipset and Q6600 though. For me it was BIOS related. All my CPU BIOS options were disabled. Once I enabled all of them it booted just fine. Good Luck. -pbjr.
  3. ys87a or anyone,I've got the same prob. on boot up with Kaly 10.5.1 install. The PC just keeps rebooting. Did you by chance figure it out?Thanks,pbjr Got it! I enabled ALL of my CPU options in BIOS. It now boots!! Must be something needed for the EFI emulation.Thanks,pbjr
  4. pbjr

    .mkv on Apple TV?

    Hello, Mine seems better as well with the new update. Still needs work. - Mike