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  1. My mackintosh sleep got work. I just had deleted some files in the folder /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration
  2. I got a black screen after it wake up from sleep. It uses a nvidia graphics card.
  3. Flushed Z77MXQUOAOS.H2O.1671.ROM Installed Sierra Can't wake up display from auto sleep Can't wake up mic from manual sleep
  4. Installed sierra. So what you need to install it? you must flush the H2O 1671 ROM otherwise sierra will stuck on boot processing. you must install the second macOS that can boot with no sip e.g. yosemite to disable SIP you must simulate iMac because the minimac cannot use pluggable video card maybe you need a partition to make a installation source. LOL So many tried
  5. What is changed in Z77MXQUOAOS.H2O.1671.ROM.zip?
  6. Maybe, mac mini6,2 is just the most appropriate to that board.
  7. for os x 10.11.4, boot up with recovery mode open terminal run command: csrutil enable --without nvram to disable sip nvram protection I resolved the problem.
  8. only need disable nvram protection. yet I don't know why.
  9. I will be glad to try the beta if there is a beta
  10. I googled oz bios. I found that: When will new version OZ bios be released?
  11. If your computer has not 2nd or 3rd fan, disable the monitor of them on CPU options of UEFI. That will fix some power failures of sleeping and shutdown.
  12. If the power management is not functional, you can rebuilt the kext cache with the following commands: kextcache -prelinked-kernel kextcache -system-caches
  13. I think iMac 13,2 fits the model.