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  1. are you using JAS 10.4.8? if you are, I got the same message until i 1. updated the iso with the ppf's included in the distro - you can do this on windows with a program called ppf-o-matic 2. once the ppf's have been applied to the iso, then burn the dvd and try again. hope this helps
  2. You may want to md5 your disk to be sure you're not corrupted. search the forums here for your "mac distro" (JAS, Uphuck, etc) Try setting your virtual drive disk mac partition to bootable. I am not sure how you'd do it with your virtual setup but on a native install you could do it like this: boot from dvd press: F8 type: -v -s (puts you in single user mode) type: fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 (may be different depending on partitions you have) do you see an asterisk in front of a partition? that makes the partition bootable. to do this you'll type: flag 1 (or whatever number represent the partition where you have your apple install) type: quit (this saves changes to MBR) type: reboot remove dvd and see if that helps on boot.
  3. Thanks Uphuck! I appreciate your work! I have successfully loaded the 1.4i r2 on my Dell Inspiron 640m/1405 Intel Core 2 Duo T5200. Tried running both cores, but as per Dell's, ended up turning off one core in the bios. It has the 945GM chipset and Sigmatel 9200. Sound didn't work out of the box even though I chose the Sound Patch, but works fine now with the AppleHDApatcher v1.16. Blue fade to Black after install reboot--- The Install goes normally, then reboots then after the gray apple screen it would display blue screen for a few seconds then fade to black. I would do this a few more times about every minute or so. It would never launch into the registration/setup wizard. Found out I was choosing the wrong chipset patch (ICH7R, ICH6 etc) Due to my ignorance, I had to reinstall several time due to my not knowing that ICH7 meant chipset. So once I figured that out I used your included ICH6, iCH8 patch and it works. I would like to bring to your attention an issue I have not seen discussed yet. Once the system is up and working, it doesn't seem that the Disk Utility is able to create a New Image from the OSX partition to anothor mounted partition or external usb. The error message is Disk Utility Progress dialog box and the error message is "Unable to create "samplefilename.dmg". Resource busy." Has anyone been able to duplicate this error? Uphuck, thanks again for all your work. You rock! Iugo