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  1. iATKOS Needs a SEED!

    Thank you for taking my personal connection issue so seriously! I don't remember complaining... Anyway
  2. iATKOS Needs a SEED!

    I said "A Day or so". I didn't say "exactly one day". Hope your English gets better one day. Or lets say in "exactly one day" Yesterday I was stuck at 90% . I'm in front of the computer for about 4 hours now and the bar hasn't moved a single bit. It is normal that people who download it stop seeding it and start installing...
  3. iATKOS Needs a SEED!

    Please seeeeeed! Stuck at 97,76% for a day or so
  4. OsX86 EFI bootloader install

    Hello! Just wanted to ask if this method works only for Core 2 Duo systems (simmilar hardware to iMac, Macbook, Mac Mini) or if it would also work with a dual CPU, quad core Xeon system, simmilar to Mac Pro?? I can access a Mac Pro, if original firmware extraction is needed. Would also be glad to beta test...!
  5. I have a question..... Apple uses, appart from Core 2 Duo, Xeon processors as well. My system uses exactly the same chipset as a Mac Pro. Is this fine firmware thing supposed to work on a Xeon system as well?? If there's a plan for Xeon support, I'll gladly do beta testing! And if someone knows the answer to my question PLEEEASE feel free to answer
  6. Today I noticed that the Darwin source for 10.4.10 and 10.5 have finally been released! TAKE A LOOK! http://www.opensource.apple.com/darwinsource/
  7. Kalyway OSX86 10.4.10 Installer

    Yes, got it working. I had to replace IO80211Family.kext from Jas 10.4.8 and edit it.
  8. Good work mac.nub! Got Airport, bluetooth, ethernet, CI&QE, all installed PCI cards, System profiler and no crashes! And I noticed that this build of 10.4.10 is the one with the most correct extension dependancies! Way to go! Some minor problems though. - System Preferences freeze when I click on Date & Time while I'm connected to the internet. If I disconnect my router, it works fine. Maybe the problem is related to the date&time check from the apple server. Tried all 3 of them. -Dictionary -ALC888 didn't work although I had checked the right box during installation. I'll try to install Logic Pro and Pro Tools tomorrow, see if they work properly. I'll report back. In the meanwhile, what should I do to get date & time fixed? thank you mac.nub! EDIT Time and date is now working - after a reboot. This build is one of the best for my config. running kernel 8.10.3. I don't care about dictionary, never used and never will and regarding alc888... I have 3 external audio devices attached, I don't care. This build is going to STAY. mac.nub you're the best.-
  9. Hello Mac.nub! I want to thank you in advance for all your work, it seems quite promising to me. I wanted to ask you something. I own a Xeon system, bought every single part from different countries throughout Europe. I chose a m/b close to MacPro - TYAN s2696. I added 2x Quad Xeons E5310 (1,6GHz, 8 cores total). It has the Intel ESB2 chipset with Firewire/USB/Lan/PCI/PCIe/PCIx, everything working out of the box.Tested on JAS, uphuck, kalyway. My problem is that in the latest releases of uphuck and Kalyway (10.4.9 & 10.4.10), the CPUs, memory slots and bus speed aren't shown up correctly anymore. Last correct indication was on uphuck's 10.4.9 v1.3. Now I get "2x1.6 GHz Unknown processor" in "about this mac" and "100MHz bus speed", with no other processor indication except that there are 2 prossesors in the system with 4 cores each. Clicking on the memory tab, it shows that the memory slots are completely empty. I think this behaviour, which surely occured after the last 2 installs (uphuck and kalyway) might be kernel dependent, neverthanless I wanted to ask you those following questions: 1) Do you need someone with an ESB2 and Xeons for beta testing? 2) Do you intend to support "MacPro clone" hardware in your upcoming release, and not only the standard Core2Duos? Thank you very much for your time!
  10. Wow! That was fast! Is there any kind of utility that detects the real fsb speed so I can make sure that it is in deed a cosmetic error? Thank you!
  11. Hello!! I have following problem: I got myself a dual quadcore xeon system with following hardware: MB: Tyan Tempest i5000XT CPU: 2x Xeon E5310 (4 cores per processor) VGA: XFX 7600GS (Natit Dual DVI) RAM: 4x 1GB FB DIMM Kingston Modules HD: Samsung 320 SATA I installed the uphuck v1.3 OSX 10.4.9 DVD without any trouble, LAN, VGA, CPUs, RAM, EVERYTHING working out of the box except audio. I thought I had found the ideal configuration for a Mac Pro clone BUT: I wasn't satisfied from the performance. A full xBench gave me a score of 85, maybe too little for a 8-core system. After trying to find out what went wrong, I noticed that my FSB is locked at 200MHz (should be 1066 according to the specs of the cpu, the M/B manual and the CPUz scan under WinXP). I have a Mac Pro at work where the bus speed is 1333 and it is indicated correctly under "about this mac > more info" as 1,3GHz. I tried the fsb=266 flag with no luck, the fsb keeps on being detected as 200MHz. On the other hand, I don't have any audio playback issues (Using a MOTU 192HD audio card, never bothered fixing the onboard audio) which is a common problem when the fsb is set to a wrong speed. I spent many days searching the forum with no luck. If anyone has a suggestion, please respond to this topic! PS. I also tried Jas 10.4.8 ppf1 ppf2 release and had the same problem.
  12. 8 cores work perfectly over here. My setup: MB: Tyan Tempest i5000XT CPU: 2x quadcore Xeon E5310 Ram: 4x1GB FB DIMM VGA: NVidia 7600GS (Dual Monitor - Dual DVI) I chose the Tyan Tempest i5000XT after a serious research. Mac Pro uses the same chipset and uphuck 10.4.9 OSX runs flawlessly.
  13. I have the same problem. Seems like the newer OS selector doesn't use the icons within ossmain.exe anymore. I have replaced them manually with every possible method with no luck The OS2 icons still show up with no errors. I also edited oss_inst.exe, this is the file ossmain.exe is stored before OS selector installation (C:\Program files\Acronis\Acronis Disk Director). There are 2 sets of the same icon files. One set in the embedded zip of oss_inst.exe and one inside the zip of ossmain.exe which is inside the zip of oss_inst.exe. To make it clear, oss_inst.exe has both the icon files PLUS ossmain.exe included. I couldn't find other exe files containing any zip with our desired png files... Hope somebody notices something I didn't.... I bet they changed it after reading this forum, maybe they don't want to mess around with Apple's law experts.
  14. Same went for me. I burnt 4 discs with nero 7.5, all faild verification. I thought I had a problem with my recorder. Then I tried with Toast from within my old 10.4.6 installation and the discs were burnt ok. No errors, nothing. Guess that Nero isn't what it used to be...