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  1. Low Geekbench Score (Z87x-UD4h)

    Various SMBios presets only gave me variations in the hundreds of points. Tried iMac13,2; MacPro3,1; MacbookPro10,1. Might try making a DSDT...
  2. Low Geekbench Score (Z87x-UD4h)

    Ooh, that's interesting. I'd not even considered the Geekbench version... I'll see if I can get my hands on v2 and give it a shot. That said, it's only numbers... right? I'm currently playing around with making a custom SMBios to match a MacbookAir6,2 since that has Haswell and is fairly recent. Will just try different SMBios configs and see if they make any difference. Cheers. Managed to get my hands on Geekbench 2.2.7. Ran it against v3 (both 32 bit this time) and got these results: v2.2.7: 13981 v3: 13355 So v3 is slightly lower, but still far from what others are reporting. Time to try SMBios fiddling...
  3. Hi guys, I've built and got running my latest build on 10.8.5 - all is well. It's snappy, seems to good give performance in games, and whilst rendering. However when I was researching what parts to buy, I came across a lot of Geekbench scores (for 10.8.5) that are a lot higher than mine. Whilst it's not the end of the world that I have a "low" geekbench score and this build knocks the socks off my old 10.6 setup, I'm just a little disappointed! I'll put as much info below as I can - does anyone have any ideas as to why my score is seemingly a lot lower than other similar/identical setups? I've seen reports of scores in the 17k range for no-overclock builds using same motherboard, cpu, and OS version... For the build, I followed acronator's guide here. Geekbench Score (64bit) Single-core: 3630 Multi-core: 14724 Specs Z87x-UD4h i7 4770k (no overclock) 16GB Vengence RAM GTX770 (Gigabyte Windforce 2GB) SMBios: iMac13,2 Kexts FakeSMC (with plugins, v.5.3.820) HDAEnabler1 ACPISensors CPUSensors GPUSensors LPCSensors GenericUSBXHCI AppleIntelE1000e Boot: Chameleon 2266 GUI=Yes EthernetBuiltIn=Yes GeneratePStates=Yes GenerateCStates=Yes Bios Loaded "Optimized defaults", the applied settings as per acronator's post above. Thanks!
  4. Smbios MacbookPro10,2

    Download Chameleon Wizard, and run. Click the "SMBios" tab, then the "edit" button if you already have an SMBios file installed. Click the dropdown underneath 'Premade SMBioses' and choose the one you want. Don't forget to click 'save' afterwards! EDIT: Sorry, my bad. Latest version of Chameleon Wizard doesn't seem to have MacbookPro10,2. I did find this ID, though: Mac-AFD8A9D944EA4843 though (from here). That might help get you started.
  5. Hi guys, First off, a huge thanks to acronator for the guide ( and rockinron_1 for the original guide ), I got ML (10.8.5) booted up and running on the same hardware without any problems. Sleep, network, etc. worked out-of-the-box, and sound was enabled using the same route in the guide. I decided to try giving Mavericks a shot, though (slightly stupidly overwriting my ML install after partitioning in the installer)... It installed fine (took a while for the installer to reach the language-selection screen, but after that all was well). At least until I booted it... No network/ethernet or sound (the latter to be expected), and my non-USB3 ports kept disconnecting my dongles. Graphics worked, though. That was a little something at least! I couldn't find any useful logs in Console or anything like that, and various bootflag combos didn't seem to help at all, so I'm now re-installing ML. Just wondering if anyone else with this board has had similar issues on Mavericks? I've done a search on the forum but can't find any word on the network or USB issue. Cheers. Specs: GA-Z87X-UD4H 4770k GTX 770 (Gigabyte 2GB) 16GB RAM 256GB SSD as OS drive EDIT: I'm going to give Mavericks another shot (starting from scratch again but I'll use a different drive to ML this time). I'll make notes of any odd messages that pop up when booting using -v; I can't imagine this post is much use without this further info...