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    Wake laptop from sleep with USB devices (Clamshell mode)

    Cheers mate I really appreciate that! I suspect it may have something to do with my DSDT, Ill attach it for anyone to take a look if possible DSDT.aml.zip
  2. mcshmoopy

    Wake laptop from sleep with USB devices (Clamshell mode)

    Hi mate cheers for the advice, I tried messing around withadd clock ID, inject and fix ownership in clover however it still isnt doing anything Im afraid
  3. Hey guys Was hoping to get some help in getting the ability to wake my hackintosh laptop (Asus UX303) from sleep with a USB mouse or keyboard. It is near enough running MacOS perfectly and Im trying to have a desktop style setup with a laptop dock and putting the laptop into clamshell mode. However I can only wake the laptop up from sleep by opening the flap or pressing the keyboard on the laptop so I have to keep taking the laptop out of my laptop dock so its making using the laptop in clamshell mode pretty frustrating! If someone can take a look at my DSDT and offer any help Id greatly appreciate it. Kindest Regards BIll
  4. Hey guys, hope youre all well! Ive recently sent off my Fast Track Ultra 8R for repair so dont have it available to me right now. One thing I did notice on the latest Sierra update (with a recent security update on the release of the new macbooks), the fast track ultra kext is no longer being recognised by default. Im not sure if its because the interface isnt plugged in at the moment or because of the new updates but I think it may open the possibility of re-using the old work around now! I wont be able to test for certain until I get the interface back, it had started developing alot of noise making certain inputs unusable, so hopefully I can get it brand spanking new again and working on Sierra! Bill
  5. Tbh I dont think there are many benefits from going to Sierra aside from a few gimmicky apple features. I just like everything working on the latest software and what not! Ive actually managed to buy a brand new Tascam US 16x08 which is class compliant and working without drivers now! Ill still be keeping my Fast Track Ultra 8R and when I get some time Ill see if I can go over all the workarounds you listed off again and see if we can be successful!
  6. Thanks for the kext! No luck still Im afraid, looks like this could be it for Sierra
  7. Wow you guys have been hard at work! Im very impressed I tried to extract a Yosemite IOAudioFamily but Im not very good at using pacificst so the one I created I dont think was correct. Would any of you fine gents be able to provide me with a Yosemite IOAudioFamily? Ill be able to test to see if I can get audio working then
  8. Cheers Olivero! Unfortunately I dont have a copy of my El Capitan IORegistryExplorer, but would you mind if I send a copy of my Sierra one over to you? You seem like youre far more knowledgable than me! Bill's Macbook Air.ioreg.zip
  9. Hey guys, and also congratulations on the baby my friend! I just updated to MacOS sierra on my hackintosh, and noticed something weird. The Fast Track Ultra 8R is recognised by OS X Sierra now? This is fantatic except audio output will not work with it currently. Levels do seem to be coming in via the M Audio control panel however audio playback will result in no sound produced from OS X.
  10. Ah that sucks J, if you need any assistance with that do let me know. Id be happy to help! Regards BIll
  11. Hi there Jhutley, I too had this problem but I managed to get it working again.Ive detailed it in a post on the first page, also are you running a macbook or a hackintosh? Regards Bill EDIT: Ive attached the IOBluetoothFamily kext from Yosemite for your convenience, try using this in S/L/E using kext wizard. Be sure to back up the original IOBluetoothFamily.kext that is there! Yosemite IOBluetoothFamily.kext.zip
  12. Thank you for this work around Oliverio! While the MIDI function was never utilised by me, I found that with this work around my iPhone could not be detected by OS X. Using your new workaround this is no longer and issue and my iPhone is behaving correctly. I was going to post regarding this issue but your new workaround seems to fix this issue Hope youre well. Bill
  13. Managed to figure it out! I basically went back to the El Capitan kext and used Kext Wizard to see which kexts were loaded when bluetooth was functional, so I figured out I have to revert IOBluetoothFamily to Yosemite's version to get it working. I did this but nothing, but I tried using a bluetooth firmware uploader kext specifically for Yosemite instead and not the El Capitan version I had and voila! Working as normal.
  14. Followed these steps and the interface is still working great! This workaround is definitely more convenient, I only had to run Kext Utility once and as Im on a hackintosh no need to ignore boot caches. Unfortunately Bluetooth is still an issue for me but I imagine it could be more to do with my drivers for it not being compatible with Yosemite kexts perhaps? This further shown by the detection of my Bluetooth USB header when I use the command you provided to check USB devices in terminal If anyone is wondering how to disable SIP on a real mac, this link will help you out. http://osxdaily.com/2015/10/05/disable-rootless-system-integrity-protection-mac-os-x/ Also I believe that OS X rebuilds the cache automatically and upon boot if it detects any changes on a Real Mac? I Could be wrong but there may not be a need to ignore boot caches upon boot. Installing the modified kext and running kext utility or KCPM should be sufficient. Many thanks for all your help Oliverio, couldnt have made it this far without your help!
  15. Just followed his procedure, obtained all the Yosemite kexts and replaced the kexts he mentioned with Yosemite ones. Unfortunately Bluetooth remains the same