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  1. Ethernet kext for GA-H77-DS3H

    Update : Still the same problem with Safari :'( I just reinstalled everything with this method : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/301138-new-usb-installer-os-x-yosemite-chameleon-r2510-v5/
  2. Ethernet kext for GA-H77-DS3H

    Didn't work for me, I crashed my PC :'( But maybe I don't understand everything ...
  3. Ethernet kext for GA-H77-DS3H

    I did something wrong, I have that : YOSEMITE DP6 - hackintosh montréal & france So, I will reinstall everything
  4. Ethernet kext for GA-H77-DS3H

    I will take your knowledge once again: I have one last problem. Since the first beta (for dev), Safari crashes systematically when I try to play content in flash (netflix, etc.). Any idea why? French version : Je vais profiter de ton savoir : j'ai un dernier soucis depuis la première bêta dev, Safari crash systématiquement lorsque j'essaye de lire un contenu en flash (netflix, etc.). Une idée du pourquoi ?
  5. Ethernet kext for GA-H77-DS3H

    Works perfectly ! Thank you again
  6. Ethernet kext for GA-H77-DS3H

    Hello, Does it exist an utility (GUI) to configure clover config.plist file ? How can I mount EFI partition ? Thank you
  7. Ethernet kext for GA-H77-DS3H

    OK, thank you for your help. I will try tonight and I keep you informed.
  8. Ethernet kext for GA-H77-DS3H

    I finally installed AtherosE2200Ethernet-V1.0.0d7 and I add kext-dev-mode=1 in args in clover boot and it works I have a problem with FaceTime & iMessage (cant't login), any idea ?
  9. Hi everybody, I'm stuck with my installation of Yosemite Beta 2 Public. Everything works fine except ethernet... I try to install a lot of kext which was working before with mavericks (ALX, Atheros drivers, etc.) but nothing works with yosemite... Do you know what kext i need to use to have an ethernet connection ? FYI, I installed yosemite with Clover_v2k_r2780_Special Edition_Yosemite Beta 1-2 method Thank you in advance.
  10. Unsigned kexts issue (I believe)

    Same problem here When I try to put a new kext in Extension Folder, I have error message about Unsigned kexts despite "kext-dev-mode=1"...