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  1. Mein Revo R3610 (mit Dualcore Atom 330 und dem ersten ION-Chipsatz), der lange mit 10.6.6 perfekt lief, ist nach einem irgendwie mißglückten 10.6.8 Update stinksauer und nicht mehr dazu zu überreden, auch nur in single user zu booten... Siehe hier im englischen Forum. Hat irgendjemand hier ebenfalls den 3610 im Einsatz und erfolgreich 10.6.8 drauf laufen??? Wenn ja, würdest Du mir mit ein paar Tips weiterhelfen? Ich bin momentan nur schwer in der Lage, tausend Kombinationen durchzutesten (kein Mac greifbar, muß Edits von Windoof aus machen...) und wüßte sehr gerne, mit was für einer Kombination aus Bootloader, Kernel, Kexts und dsdt Dein Revo auf 10.6.8 fröhlich ist... Danke!
  2. Hey folks, I asked for help with my Revo, that is screwed up after an update to 10.6.8 over here, but the most important part would be a correct and working DSDT. The one I was using (from plexapp forums) seems not to work in my current setup, and my edits so far made it worse... ;-) My skills in dsdt editing are limited, so I need something to go from... Anyone running SL 10.6.8 or Lion on the Revo 3610 and willing to share his working dsdt? Thanks!!!
  3. Guys, I really could use a hand here and that there are still some folks around who use the Revo R3610, which is a really great little "MacMini" IF he decides to work... I got my Revo R3610 working with the help of the posts from here and plexapp forums on Snow Leopard 10.6.2, have updated up to 10.6.6 without major issues and have been using it for several months. Stable, and everything worked (I do not use sound over HDMI...). Now some software ( I guess it was Final Cut Pro X) bugged me that I should update my precious handcrafted 10.6.6 to 10.6.8 And I did. Fail decision. I followed the usual procedures, but even the first reboot went wrong and I have not been able to get the thing running again ever since. A nice serving of kernel panics, hanging boot, latest chameleon ignoring the -v param, and right now I have the funny "no driver for this platform" error... I have read & tried a lot, but I am stuck. And I guess the problem is something in my current mix being not compatible with something else. "something" being bootloader, kernel, dsdt, some kext, or the phase of the moon. There are a lot of different solutions out there, some for other, similar Ion based nettops, and so far none of them and all of the mixed combinations I tried, did NOT work. Is/was anyone here successfully running SL 10.6.8 on a Revo 3610? If yes, could you do me a HUGE favor and post (if you can remember) - the bootloader you are using & exact version - the exact kernel you are using - the dsdt that works or which hacks/fixes you applied after extracting it - which kexts you replaced/deleted after the update - which parameters you are using in your boot.plist Of course it would be appreciated if you remembered where you got the stuff from or could post a working dsdt (no luck with the one posted here earlier and latest teateam atom kernel). Hope someone is out there and can help me to get my beloved Fake-MacMini back to work... ;-)
  4. Moinsens! Hab hier eine einigermaßen funzende 10.4.9 auf meiner Kiste (Quelle und Config siehe Sig). Im Forum dort herrscht Grabesruhe und Selbstgesprächstherapie, daher hier die Frage: hat jemand sein AMD-Sysetm mit irgendeinem der herumfliegenden 10.4.10 Updatepakete erfolgreich und ohne allzuviele Kernelpanikanwandlungen von 10.4.9 upgedated, vielleicht sogar von der u.a. Corvinus-Version? Wollte mal schaun, ob ich das neue iWeb und iPhoto ohne QE ans Laufen kriege, aber das verweigert schon die Installation, weils die .10 haben will... Danke!
  5. Ubuntu is a nice windowsish Desktop-Linux, but worthless for critical jobs like that... honestly - grab Backtrack or System Rescue CD - they mount everything what is still technically alive... ;-) And Backtrack can do a few other tricks as well (reading raw partition data with forensic apps - same stuff the cops use when they confiscated your PC and recover the data you erased in panic... *lol*) - but that takes some time reading man pages. AFAIK you have very little chance breaking in on the Windows CLI. and very good chances that every boot of the crippled Windoze makes things worse... good luck, mate!
  6. I would not mess with an already f**ked up HD in Windows... Why not fire this machine up with a security Linux Live CD and use some forensic appz to get access to the data? and move it to some external HD? Backtrack (www.remote-exploit.org) always does a great job for me when it comes to reanimating dead Windozes... *lol* Or if you are uncomfortable with Linux: there are some good Windows-based LiveCDs around as well (Diamond Boot CD etc.), just check the usual suspects (little green demons etc.) Cheers and good luck!!
  7. (see end of post for temporary solution) Hi all! little problem here - when running my Turion-based laptop without the ACPI mod, it becomes frigging hot and loud, with the patch the system clock lags like crazy... Until there is a fix, a simple workaround would be to update the time from a timeserver every hour or so, so the time keeps at least somewhat near the real time... But how to do it? the internal ntp service seems to work only once on startup and whenever I open the time preferences manually. Is there a way to tell OS X to run the time sync in intervals, or is there a little app like "Atom Clock" that does the job? I searched a lot, but on the forums its a bit difficult due to the 3-letter restriction (NTP is just 3, can't change it...) and otherwise I only found helper apps for PPC, no UB stuff... Any hints?? Thanks!!! Update: I found a workaround. Of course this is NOT a "clean" solution. Will have to wait until AMD support is better and the clock speed is not affected any more. OK - ntpd won't run from cron for some reason, same for ntpdate. Sudo is a problem since it requires manual entering your password. My Solution: got GeekTool installed, then defined as one of the jobs a terminal with following command: echo "YourPassword" | sudo -S ntpdate -u and set the refresh to something around 3-5 minutes (turnes out to be about 7-10 minutes when the CPU is throttled). well, ok, you got your PW in cleartext etc.etc.... but as I said: quick and dirty workaround. At least your system time will catch up with reality here and there.... ;-)
  8. Toast Titanium 8

    Did anyone find a workaround in the meantime (like the one for iWork / Pages) to make it work without QE/CI ?? Actually I don't care if I use 8.x or 7.x for burning, but I would love to use the catalog proggie that comes with 8... So any chance to convince that darned app NOT to use desktop acceleration?? Thanks!
  9. Installation of 10.4.9 on HP Compaq nc6400

    maybe I am dumb (naaaa - don't answer that, please... ;-) ) but searching for setmac reveals a lot of postings like this one, telling to search the forums for setmac, but neither the script nor instructions where/how to place / install it... Anyone bother to point to a specific link or post the snippet and instructions here? Thanks!!
  10. Tip: Users having iWeb problems due to no QE

    *bump* the method described here worked fine for Pages on my install (another poor sucker with ATI x200G internal graphics {censored} without QE...), so I wonder what else will work without QE. Any updates on Keynotes or other QE-dependant appz that could be "convinced" to run that way?? Toast 8 is another candidate, but I can not find similar settings... ideas anyone?
  11. Mac OS X 10.4.8 on HP NX6125 ...

    yep, that was it! thanks mate! so I am writing from my fresh (and now a bit less crippled...) HPHackBook... ;-) ...on to PCMCIA...
  12. Poll: For us ATI x200 Mobility Users

    well - I have seen the development in the Linux world regarding this card. Few month ago everybody said: give up on it, its never going to happen... take nVidia, ATI support for Linux sucks. Well they were right - partly. Support sucks. But: Meanwhile I have Sabayon 3.4a 64bit with full 3D desktop (metisse) running on my HP nx6125 / Turion64. Out of the box. No tweaking, no installing, no fuss. Just booting up a live DVD. Not fast, but it works. OpenGL as well. I think the "market" is there - there were several lines of highly popular "business" notebooks like the HP nx6xxx with that chipset and graphics card, and several with 1150 which uses exactly the same architecture and runs with the same drivers (at least on Linux). Those notebooks are the ideal cheap and reliable "working horse". Of course this chipset is not for gaming etc. - but the acceleration is good enough for occasional work with 3D appz like Vue or Poser, and there is a lot of stuff out there that simply does not install/work without OpenGL or other 3D support present, even if it uses it little. Even VLC dies on my current setup... So working 3D support (and dual screen output) is THE Go/No-Go for OSX on my laptop. Actually I am rather new to OSx86, so I have no exact feeling how complex it would be. But can't imagine that its impossible. And I can imagine very well that a lot of folks would be willing to spit out 10 or 20 bucks, and if there are a few dozen of us it should be possible to find someone capable and willing to do it for a symbolic "bribe" of few hundred bucks... I am in with 20 bucks. Anyone else?? ;-)
  13. Mac OS X 10.4.8 on HP NX6125 ...

    hmmm.... resolution is fine already, I have the XGA display anyway... but need OpenGL support, otherwise OS X is dead for me.... Network did not work out - looks like the file has changed since 10.4.8 ( I have 10.4.9 running here), so the string was not on the line that you told me - I just replaced them all, *lol* - and he still tells me about an unknown card... *grrnnnmpf* OK - for today I will power down notebook and myself... ;-) Enough trial&error for one day...
  14. Mac OS X 10.4.8 on HP NX6125 ...

    Ah, I see, together we will convert this good ole HP lappy... *lol* Thanks for your support!! In exchange I have a hint as well: Speedstep/ACPI solved - kind of... This one really helps: http://www.macdotnub.info/ Problem is: with the AMD version there is a known bug that (sometimes - not always) causes stuttering on audio playback or videos - depends on your config. But working is possible and much more quiet. Battery lasts longer as well. There is also a tool to change the speed manually. Will try your HowTo on Ethernet, I just gave up on the 746 messy old threads on that topic... ;-) I found some kext for the Texas Instruments bridge (PCCard), but - well - Kernel Panic... next try. Probably wrong memory range or something like that... We keep trying... ;-) P.S.: did you manage to get Quartz / 3D / OpenGL working on this crippled ATI that we poor suckers have??
  15. Mac OS X 10.4.8 on HP NX6125 ...

    OK - some updates, perhaps useful for someone else trying to convert this notebook... Using 10.4.9 AMD from Corvinus (http://x86-hackmac.foren-city.de/forum,15,-filebase.html) runs smoothly, wireless just needs the dev id added, boots from USB or internal, even the special keys for volume/mute etc. work, but so far no luck with: Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet ( I have a 57xx, Vendor ID 14e4, Device ID 159c): worked through some of the Broadcom threads here, added the dev id to Info.plist, but nothing at all happens... Cardreader (SD/MMC): just does not anything at all... PCCard/ExpressCard-Slot: no PCMCIA Cards are recognized at all... Fingerprint Reader: it is listed in the profiler - but is there any Mac app that can make use of this toy?? And does it actually work or is it just reported as existing USB device? Biggest problem for me: looks like ACPI / fan control / CPU speed control does not work. The fan is ALWAYS on, air is hot, so the CPU (Turion 64 ML 34) is running at full 1.8 Ghz... Are there any Mac tools like RMClock under Windoze to regulate the CPU speed? Or WHERE should I look on the Mac.... I am used to Linux stuff, where the fan stuff is in /proc/acpi/fan/Cxxx/state and can be switched manually by writing 3 or 0 in there, but where is this kind of stuff on OSX ???? Any hints appreciated.