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  1. BadAxe2 with GUID and EFI Tutorial

    Managing the partition size is certainly a benefit. There were also initial reports of improved performance (under Leopard) with GUID partitions, although I haven't tested that myself.
  2. BadAxe2 with GUID and EFI Tutorial

    Seems like an appropriate time to thank BJMoose once again for this great information! I'm not much of a noob in the realm of computers, but could be considered a noob with regard to hackintoshes, and it's posts like BJMoose's that are responsible for me sitting in front of a really great quad-core mac this X-mas! Thanks for the nth time, and don't let the unwarranted flames get you down!
  3. As has been stated before - there's really no such thing as a "perfect" card. You'll inevitably need to do some tweaking based on experience. But having said that - I was recently in your same position. I decided on the bad axe 2 based on all the searches & reading I did. And I'm pretty happy with the decision. My final installation was done on a GUID-partitioned disk (pc_efi v8) using my retail Leopard installation CD. The only additional kexts I use are dsmos & nvinject. I did need to replace IONetworkingFamily.kext with an earlier version because of my particular onboard LAN chipset. My understanding is that not all bad axe 2's have the same LAN chipset as mine, so there's a chance you wouldn't even need to muck with IONetworkingFamily. I use a USB sound card (Creative Labs Soundblaster Live!, no driver required), but patching for the onboard sound works as well using the Taruga patcher. I believe the patch route only gets you 2-channel output, but I'm not sure. At any rate, I'm pretty happy with the bad axe 2 hardware choice. It's not the latest & greatest, but it's really nice being able to install directly from the Apple DVD. And I managed to get mine for $150 online via a sale, so it wasn't even very expensive.
  4. BadAxe2 with GUID and EFI Tutorial

    Just a quick update - my system is working fine now using the 10.4.3 IONetworkingfamily kext (on both an external USB drive installation of BrazilMac/EFI5.2, and on a SATA/GUID installation of Leopard using the retail DVD). I may play around with the PCI bridge/Networking vendor & device IDs to see if I can get things working without replacing the entire kext, but for now I'm finally happy with my Bad axe 2
  5. BadAxe2 with GUID and EFI Tutorial

    Thanks for the link, but still no joy for me. I'm in the process of re-installing everything starting from scratch. I think I started out with too many problems to begin with. Now that I have some experience, I'm hoping a clean install (with maybe a replacement using this kext) will fix the problem...
  6. BadAxe2 with GUID and EFI Tutorial

    You've given me new hope! Just to clarify - you're using the Vanilla Leopard IONetworkingFamily.kext, except for replacing AppleIntel8254XEthernet.kext with the 10.4.3 version? I'll be sure to try this again tonight. Thanks for the help!
  7. BadAxe2 with GUID and EFI Tutorial

    I tried the same last night - removed the attribute from all kexts & kext contents. But still the same problem with networking. I'm at a loss as to what to try next. Might look into a different motherboard altogether. Let me know if you manage to resolve the problem.
  8. BadAxe2 with GUID and EFI Tutorial

    Files within the kext will also have the attribute set. I'd go the brute force method, you'll probably have more than one kext affected:cd /System/Library/Extensionssudo find . -name "*" | xargs xattr -d com.apple.quarantine (Ignore warnings for files that don't have the attribute.)Then touch ../Extensions, remove kext & kernel caches, and reboot.But either way, you'd probably need to correct the attribute within the kext file contents, not just the enclosing .kext folder. I did try adding a string a some point, but it didn't help. Note that I haven't tried removing the quarantine attribute from my kext yet, though. I can't remember the value I tried to add.
  9. BadAxe2 with GUID and EFI Tutorial

    This sounds like the exact same problem I'm having - no network connection until I run the assistant. The assistant says it fails to establish a connection, but the network is connected in the background. At all times, the Network control panel says the cable is unplugged I'm not at my hackintosh ATM, but I believe I might have found a source to some of the cause of my problems. All of my .kext patches & so forth were downloaded using Safari 3 on a MacBook running Leopard, and all of the files have the com.apple.quarantine extended attribute set (see the posting from quelg in this topic). I'm hoping this is the cause of the network problem, with some portion of IONetworkingFamily.kext or some another kext going unnoticed because of that attribute. You might want to check to see if you also have this problem - I won't be able to test my theory until later tonight at the earliest. And do let me know if you can resolve the problem!
  10. BadAxe2 with GUID and EFI Tutorial

    This is so frustrating - I tried zzak's method first (from a mac.nub MBR installation) and the retail Leopard DVD, and got: Open Failed Couldn't open "OSInstall.mpkg". I'm beginning to wonder if I really have a bad axe 2 board at this point
  11. BadAxe2 with GUID and EFI Tutorial

    Oof - bad news for me. According to Network Utility, my bad axe 2 has an Intel 82573L network controller. Doing a search on this site, it seems this one has a history of problems. The only successes have been with using the 10.4.3 IONetworkingFamily.kext on Tiger. Tried this kext on leopard and still a no go So now, I'm debating whether to look for a cheap, supported PCI networking card, or try to swap out the mobo & hope for a different controller. BJMoose & others - can you verify that your board is using a different network controller? Is anyone using a network solution (wireless or otherwise) other than the built-in that they'd like to recommend? Thanks!
  12. BadAxe2 with GUID and EFI Tutorial

    Thanks BJMoose! I've finally managed to get a GUID installation booting now. I installed mac.nub on an exernal USB drive to speed things along. My basic steps followed yours pretty closely: 1) Formatted single GUID partition from 10.4. 2) Installed EFI 8.0 & rebooted. 3) Activated partition w/ fdisk. 4) Installed EFI 7.4, rebooted, then EFI 8.0 again. 5) Rebooted & installed BrazilMac. At this point, the GUID partition was definitely booting, although basic Brazilmac hung during startup. Moved vanilla kernel, vanilla AppleSMBIOS.kext, and dsmos.kext goot the new partition, and removed AppleIntelCPUpowermanagement.kext. So now the GUID partition boots fine on through to fruition. Unfortunately, I'm still plagued by my miserable built-in networking problems (detailed in another thread). I've tried Brazilmac IONetworkingFamily, vanilla IONetworkingFamily, and specially-patched IONetworkingFamily, but still no dice. (Incidentally, I have a very similar networking issue while in mac.nub 10.4.10.) I'm thinking of possibly RMAing this board unless I can figure out what's going on. But apart from that, GUID booting is working fine, as is just about everything else. One bug remaining until I consider it perfect...
  13. BadAxe2 with GUID and EFI Tutorial

    No luck for me Toggling between efi 7.4 & 8.0, all I ever get at boot time is "b0 error". Not sure what I might have done wrong. I think my next steps for trying to crack this GUID thing might be to get a second SATA drive & do a MBR installation of tiger, then try zzak's method of installing from my retail DVD. <sigh>
  14. BadAxe2 with GUID and EFI Tutorial

    Cool - looks like I should re-spin my Leopard install disk, then. Any chance you could post the modified 9a581-patch.sh file you're using?
  15. BadAxe2 with GUID and EFI Tutorial

    This looks really promising - I can't wait to give it a try. And it looks like I'll finally have a fix for those yellow icons BJMoose: Just to clarify, you only applied dsmos.kext from pc_efi_v80, but not AppleSMBIOS.kext and no postpatching? I have to try that - perhaps it's this modified AppleSMBIOS.kext that's been giving me headaches with the built-in networking. As I said - can't wait to give it a try, and I'll be sure to report how it goes. My system is currently on hold (haven't tranferred data or installed new software) until I can work out the networking bug at least. Thanks again!