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  1. I had the same problems. There have been some changes in the last few releases (I'm up to 10.5.5) that don't seem to agree with my mobo architecture. I've abandoned the onboard NIC for a PCI 3Com NIC. Strings are not working as expected either. It seems like sometimes they are ignored at boot time. The sound problem has to do with timing. Using a different version of Taruga's patcher solved the problem for me.
  2. Even with the NIC BIOS-disabled, the machine still sees it. No injector kexts. I have legacy support disabled, but the machine will occasionally KP when attaching a thumb drive or camera.
  3. I think its a combination of things, but I can't put my finger on any specific thing to look at. At first, shut down and sleep worked perfectly. I began having problems with shutdown after 10.5.2 update. Using strings didn't matter. When I got the onboard NIC working, everything started working perfectly again. Up to 10.5.4 now, and have only occasional trouble with USB.
  4. kextcache is a utility. Run that command in terminal.
  5. http://reviews.zdnet.co.uk/software/os/0,1...39415279,00.htm
  6. Here is the list of device ID's that should work: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=664505
  7. Possibly. I have SATA mode set to ACHI in my BIOS.
  8. I've had the same issues with USB on my machine. Disabling legacy support gave me the best results. With legacy support disabled, I can get in to the BIOS if needed, but I can not use my USB keyboard in Darwin. If I need to work in single-user mode, I enable legacy support, then disable it again when finished. The error you posted is common with legacy support enabled. It usually takes a reboot or two to clear. I can't speak to the issues with your monitor, but the USBGen kext works very well if you feel you need to keep legacy support enabled. Sleep and restart have always worked on my machine. After I got the onboard NIC working, shutdown began to work. It behaves as you describe for sleep, but if I leave the machine alone for a few minutes, it does power itself off.
  9. I see two problems here: a big hole in Apple's market, and a license that not many people abide by or care about, except when its time to run and hide. The problems were caused by mistakes made by the ones with the most to lose in this. There is Apple, who ignored (or is slow to cultivate) what turned out to be a pretty large market after Leopard was released. And there is an opportunistic retailer who is trying to fill the hole in the market with what looks like a hastily conceived business plan. The result of those mistakes is another heated Intellectual Property debate about whos got rights to what, when what most of us really want is an affordable Apple computer. Dragged in to the IP debate is the one piece of software that makes a home-grown market possible, and made this fiasco inevitable. Ironically it didn't even have a license attached to it until yesterday ( http://netkas.org/?p=62 ) because "kids can't tell the difference between product and code" ( http://netkas.org/?p=62#comment-1958 ). Maybe not. Although I have to say: welcome to the USA, netkas, where the kids CAN smell a buck. Now we're all running around scared because Apple may swing its mighty Legal Hammer. Because of the legal fear we have to have the requisite show of indignance: "how dare those vultures swoop down on OUR scene and make a buck. They take advantage! They'll ruin everything!!" Uh huh. We even have Engadgets IP lawyer, Nilay Patel ( http://www.engadget.com/bloggers/nilay-patel ), on IRC asking the developers "how they feel" about having their work co-opted. If you read this guy ( http://www.engadget.com/2008/04/15/psystar...aggerated-still ), he really seems to perk up over the idea of one of these copyright wars. He says he represents in P2P cases, but he doesn't say for whom. One thing is for sure. He doesn't sound like Ray Beckerman ( http://recordingindustryvspeople.blogspot.com ). So now what? Is it really going to be another RIAA-style legal bloodletting? There's a lot of case law on both sides of the argument. I guess it all depends on how reasonable everyone's willing to be. Apple could make this go away by offering a minitower priced right. I can think of a dozen developers they can hire to get the project off the ground. A few patches and a couple of kexts later and Apple could have a one-of-a-kind collectors item. Then Jobs can have his hardware and software control by giving us a real minitower that's affordable in places like Ukraine and Uruguay. Maybe in one of those black Antec P180 cases that everyone seems to like so much. Or something like that. Yeah, yeah, I'm not the CEO of a billion-dollar multi-national. Those kinds of people don't like to be told their business from way down here, or forced into it by an opportunist; there's that matter of principle, you know. But who knows? Maybe Apple will step up and correct their mistake. Maybe they'll jump on an opportunity to make some extra customers. And maybe they'll continue to let the remainder who only want to tinker continue to tinker. I just hope it doesn't get too much more out of hand. Even if Psystar is a hoax, how long before we have to do this dance again? We need support, not subpoenas. /rant.
  10. time ed

    Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    Download this kext: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...st&id=23631 Do this: 1. Extract the files. Open Terminal. 2. sudo -s 3. cd /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/Plugins/ 4. mv AppleIntel8254XEthernet.kext 8254X.orig 5. rm -Rv AppleIntel8255x.kext 6. cd back to extracted files 7. chown -R root:wheel AppleIntel8255x.kext 8. chmod -R 755 AppleIntel8255x.kext 9. cp -R AppleIntel8255x.kext /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/Plugins/ 10. open Network Panel in System Preferences. The NIC should be there. If not: 11. cd /System/Library/ 12. rm -Rv Extensions.mkext 13. diskutil repairPermissions / 14. reboot That should do it....NIC should be in the Network panel when the desktop returns.
  11. Back to the good ole days for you. Grab yourself a IRC client, log on to irc.osx86.hu, join channels #leopard and #10.5 and look in the channel topics...
  12. time ed

    NVidia 7900GS 512Mb

  13. My method is really for C2D stock install. PentiumD will always require a patched kernel. You can try it. A good portion of that install guide will work for anyone. See here for fixed kernel: http://netkas.org/?p=57 so long as you're not planning to update to 9.2.2. You should be able to use networking fix by adding correct device id. In your BIOS, disable Legacy USB Support. Your english is much better than my spanish!