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  1. Hi, i'm using a MB Pro with Yosemite 10.10.5 (I know it doesn't have anything to do, but just in case i mention it) and when i transfer things to my pendrive it leaves this hidden folders like .spotlight-v100 .Trashes and stuff. I know, and they don't bother me at all because i hide them, but they bother my grandma , because when she plugs the pendrive to my TV i got those now-not-so-hidden folders on the top, and i think it will be easier to delete those folder than explaining to her how to use the TV. Leaving my story aside, is there any way to stop os x from creating ALL this folders and .DS_Store at least from that specific drive? In the rest of the mac i don't care. Thank you.
  2. I'm telling you, i have audio. I hear everything that comes in the microphone, but i can't hear the system audio
  3. Hi, installed yosemite, and then used MacPoison for the post installation. First installed voodoohda because that's what i like the most. After reboot had audio, but no sound from the computer. How do i know this? I have a mic connected in the front panel, and in the back panels with my earphones i heard everything because of the mic, but if i play a song i don't hear it. I tried with different configs in the prefpanel, but no one seems to work. Tried with applehda, and absolutely no sound. I'm already using kext-dev-mode=1, and i'm using clover. PS: Tried with Vietnam tool with voodoohda 2.8.4 and 2.8.6 and still the same. Thanks.
  4. brianmoyano

    GTX 760 - No QE/CI - Beta 3

    Hi, after three attemps i finally made it to the installer screen, and it freeze when there was 3 min left to finish. I check the log, and the last line was something like ' layout still needs update after calling', and i don't know what to do. And, for my luck, now i'm not able to boot mackericks, it seems it lacks of bootloader, but i'm using windows now, so it's ok. I just want to make a good usb and install yosemite, but i can't D: or i don't know how exactly When i boot with clover (The latest version) the installation i get: And i checked this on the usb creator
  5. brianmoyano

    GTX 760 - No QE/CI - Beta 3

    Thank you, wasn't aware of that tool.
  6. Hi all! Long time no see! Yesterday i bought a new hdd and wanted to test yosemite. So i downloaded the offical beta public which i think is the third one. So, renamed the file to 'Install OS X 10.10 Developer Preview' (This way MacPawn recognize the file) and made a usb installation. In the first installation, i had this screen after the install progress: Rebooted the machine, and just for curious i boot from the hdd (which i installed yosemite) and the system loaded, but i can't get QE/CI (Using clover) with my nvidia GTX 760. (And with the developer preview i had qe/ci perfectly good). And, if i install the chameleon version for yosemite i get this error when i boot: So, if too long; didn't read: Can't enable graphic qe/ci with clover, and can't boot the system with chameleon. So i can't get a "semi-stable" yosemite beta 3. (As far as i remember, developer preview 1 worked fine) Goodbye and thanks!
  7. First of all, this is not a problem (i think), this only happen when i hold the shift key (At least in a pc keyboard, i don't know if in mac is called the same) The thing is when i'm on mission control, if i keep pressed the shift key and select and app it will bring up but very slow. This only happens with the shift, not with command nor options (alt) I don't know if this was all the time, i discovered it in my hackintosh and with 10.9.4. Does anyone knows this? It has a function? Video for better explanation:
  8. Hello, how are you? Sometime ago i had my hackintosh perfectly working with this settigns: i5 3570k, GA-Z77M-D3H and the onboard video, the HD4000. This month 2 things happened. I bought a MSI GTX 760 2GB, and i bought a new 8GB thumb drive. When i bought the graphic card i plugged it in, and run osx. Everything went perfect. I didn't have to change anything. Working out of the box. Then i had to format the hdd where osx were installed, so now i wanted to install everything again, but i have too much problems. First, i tried with Niresh, the distro that i was using before. When i boot, with or without bootflags (I tried with -x, GraphicsEnabler=No/yes) i get a kp: Most of the time i get: 'Unable to find driver for this platform: \"ACPI"\' But once i got: 'Process 1 exec of /sbin/launched failed'. I think it was only once, but, it is worth to say it. So today i got frustated, leaved niresh in one side, and downloaded a osx installation for vmware and downloaded orginal osx from the store. First i used [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and in the middle of the install it says it cannot complete the process, and in the corner on the screen i get a notification 'Disk not ejected properly' Then, i tried again with myhack, and say the same. Disk not ejected properly. Also tried with a second usb (only 4gb) just for the bootloader. I had clover and chameleon. When i used clover it said: Error loading drivers. And with chameleon the system restats by itself. It doesn't even load the gray screen. The usb works fine, i can write, read and delete files from it, and also i did it a low format. Do you think it's a ubs drive isssue?
  9. brianmoyano

    Unable to find driver for this platform acpi

    I'm going to download it again, it may help? Or what can i do?
  10. Hi, about 3 months ago i finally made i very successfull installation, the hardware was: Intel® Core™ i5-3570k @ 3.8Ghz Gigabyte GA Z77M-D3H Kingston HyperX 4GB DDR3 @ 1666Mhz Intel HD4000 @ 64MB [VGA] Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200rpm Samsung SyncMaster P2350 23" VGA CoolerMaster Extreme Series 500W And now, the other i bought a brand new GTX 760. So i installed it and run osx. I didn't have to do anything, working out of the box. But today my hdd broke and i have to make a new installation in a new one, so i made a booteable usb with transmac, but when i boot i get the following kp: So, i unplugged the gtx 760 and tried again with the onboard hd4000, and then the same message. Also, set my bios settigns to default. I don't know what is causing it.
  11. brianmoyano

    Memory problems - Spinning ball of death

    Thanks for your answer. In my case, is backwars. When i start the system is flawless, but when open more apps, the system goes slow.
  12. brianmoyano

    Memory problems - Spinning ball of death

    Thank you. Really.
  13. Hi, how are you? First of all in my signature are my specs. But, i bring it up here for you! Intel® Core™ i5-3570k @ 3.8Ghz Gigabyte GA Z77M-D3H Kingston HyperX 4GB DDR3 @ 1666Mhz Intel HD4000 @ 64MB [VGA] Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200rpm Samsung SyncMaster P2350 23" VGA CoolerMaster Extreme Series 500W The thing is that, with a few open apps like 'Chrome' with one or two tabs, and a music app like 'Vox' the system sometimes hangs. The system is not slow by itself. The transitions and all are pretty smoth and fast. But, for excample if a do right click on the mouse to open the context menu, it takes 5 sec aprox to open. Too much spinning ball. Is it waiting for free memory? Also the apps take too long to open. Is a low-memory problem? I'm planning to get a dedicated video card, so all the 4GB memory is for the system, and not share it with the hd4000. This will solve something? PS: Still not updated to 1.9.2 because i don't want to use the system like that. Do you think it may fix that? Thanks in advance